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Sandi Poutala, Master Photographer

Portland Oregon


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We are offering PSD files of ALL of our information, so you can easily add, delete and substitute your text, logo and photographs and save hundreds of hours trying to reinvent the wheel.

Bruce is one of Oregon’s most award winning and successful portrait photographers.  He speaks all over the world to give his insights to other professional photographers from posing and lighting to marketing and pricing.  As a professional photographer speaker, his program got great reviews at both Imaging and WPPI because of the practical applications he offers.

If there is a local group you are a member of and would like to contact Bruce about speaking, please email us:  Bruce@BruceBerg.com or call 541-726-6119.

All of the listed DVD offerings listed below that you elect to purchase will be mailed to you and come with a fully satisfied guarantee.

Marketing, Organization & Selling Series DVDs

Children & Family Program Disc:

Includes marketing pieces, price lists, consultation form, auction information and more to help enable you to photograph more children and families.

Also includes a thank you card, policy & procedure forms, pet and special event postcards and our price lists:  $129



Wedding and Glamour Program Disc:

Includes price booklets for glamour and weddings, wedding questionnaires, wedding contract, wedding consultation form, album design form, wedding promo piece,and  9 wedding client letters:  $129

High School Senior Program Disc:

Includes price lists, marketing pieces, consultation form, model application form,  thank you card and how we structure our very successful High School Senior model program: $129


High School Calendar Program Disc:

Want to be Guaranteed you’ll photograph more seniors?

Do a coupon/calendar book and it WILL work and not cost you much-if any-money. Includes the 25 detailed steps to make it successful for you and a current calendar layout (August-July) with all the fun and traditional holidays, birth month data and full moons, plus letters, an actual physical calendar that Bruce uses and the model search poster:   $129

Office Program Disc:

Includes employee manual, 7 client post cards, Executive price list, copyright card and payment agreement form:  $59

All Marketing and Office Programs:

Includes ALL of the senior, calendar, children & family, wedding & Glamour and office programs on an 8GB jump drive. Regularly $575, for just $249!       SAVE $327!



Additional Products:

Posing and Lighting Video Disc:

Posing and lighting tips that will help you take off those pounds of your clients, and get better photographs and how to budget wisely with what equipment to buy while expanding your horizons:  $49

Please add $10 for USA shipping and handling for all disks.