Pleasant Hill HS Seniors

Tyler Bryson is Mr. March in the 2017-18 Children’s Miracle Network High School calendar, he is a Pleasant Hill HS senior.


As a model representing his school, he was paid $50 for his photo shoot. Right now we are looking for the Class of 2019 to apply as well. Please Click Here for more info.

Besides being in the calendar, Tyler is also a model on our B Seen Team (Class of 2018). Tyler is one our posters and cards as well-see the B Seen Team group photo shoot, he is holding the basketball.


Most B Seen team members opt for two full high school senior photo shoots (the one below was at a junkyard I know about).


His other session was out in Pleasant Hill.


B Seen team models also get a head shot and mini fashion shoot session.


  Some group photo shoots with other B Seen team models:


But best of all: They are all on one of five 30′ wide billboard promoting driver safety. This board was located on I-105 near Pioneer Parkway in Springfield Oregon and sponsored by Nation’s Mini Mix.


He also was on LTD buses promoting the same message.


Tyler’s BIO

His Birthday is: August 3rd.

Favorite Color:  “Red.”

What words describe you best?  “Unpredictable, loyal and quick witted.”

What chore do you hate the most and why? “Dishes. Who enjoys doing the dishes???”

Your Favorite Food? “Spaghetti.”

Favorite Fictional Character? “Ricky Bobby from Talladega Nights.”

What super power would you like? “To be able to use ‘The Force’.”

If you could go to one place on earth, where would that be?  “Tonga. The people are the nicest human beings on earth.”

Who do you admire? “Forrest Gump. The dude just kept on running. I couldn’t do that.”

What is a little Known Fact about you? “I actually read Sports Illustrated articles and not just look at the pictures.”

What are your Future aspirations? “Study business and sports management at SOU. Travel and Live.”

Here is a short trailer video showcasing Tylers’ favorite images~



Full Moon is on the 3rd (The Worm Moon):

Funniest holiday? National Panic Day (March 9th)

Memorable holiday? St. Patricks Day (March 17th)…or maybe all of Spring Break (the 26-31st)

Birthstone? Aquamarine


Flower? Daffodil


Children Miracle Network winner at Pleasant Hill HS in 2017? Mr. Billie was Garrett Olson.

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Pleasant Hill HS Seniors