South Eugene High School

South Eugene High School

Blair Lewis is Miss February representing South Eugene High School in the Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar/coupon book.

Since she works at the best dessert place in Oregon, I HAD to feature Sweet Life in the photograph and the sweet month of February seemed like a perfect fit.

Besides being paid $50 for a 15 minute photo shoot at the shop, Blair is also on our B Seen Team, Class of 2018. Being on the Team gives you a  studio photo shoot

Group photo shoots like the snow:

Blair is seemingly holding the B.

-this also includes you with a friend and some solo images:-

and the fair (in her case).

Plus she got 2 full high school senior portrait sessions, The First one, she elected to go to the Eugene Rose Gardens

And her second photo shoot with a rail car and water.

Another benefit for being on our B Seen Team, is that you are featured in our marketing AND on a huge 30 foot anti-texting while driving billboard. Blairs was on West 11th, near Starbucks and Fred Meyer.

Right now we ARE looking for High School Juniors to apply for this coming calendar and B Seen Team (Class of 2019). More info HERE.

-Blair's Bio-

Her Birthday is May 18th

Favorite Color: "Green"

What words describe you best?  "Determined and Direct."

What chore do you hate the most and why? "Vacuuming. We have 3 floors and it takes too long."

Your Favorite Food?  "Sushi"  (Here I thought she would say dessert....)

Favorite Fictional Character? "Olaf" (From Frozen)

What super power would you like? "To be invisible."

Favorite Place to Shop? "American Eagle"

What is a little Known Fact about you? "I almost died at birth."

What are your Future aspirations? " To do something in the medical field."

If you could go to one place on earth, where would that be?  "Greece. It always looks so pretty to visit."  It is: here is a photograph from Santorini I took in 2016:

Here is a short video trailer of Blair's favorite images from her photo shoots:

South Eugene High School


Funniest holiday? Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day (Saturday, February 3rd)

Memorable holiday? Besides Valentines (which is also Oregon's birthday)? Superbowl Sunday (Feb 4th) or the start of the Winter Olympics in South Korea (Feb 9th)

Birthstone? Amethyst

Flower? Violet

Children Miracle Network winners at South Eugene HS in 2017? Mr. Axeman: Rodrigo Santiago-Corona, Miss Axeman: Priscilla Parra

Great way to use the August 17-July 18 calendar this month?

How about getting up to $8 off at Papa's Pizza? One parent told me they honored this coupon for both their large and medium. Since the calendar only cost $10, they got $8 of it back in one place. Great fundraisers for your school group!  Just EMAIL me for more info, as you keep $7 of the $10 and $2 of the remaining goes to CMN!

I COULDN'T be remiss and not have the Sweet Life coupon for this month. 1/2 off any slide of cake at their new University of Oregon campus location.

Plus, a shout out to our calendar sponsors this month:

Rainbow Optics:

And Springfield College of Beauty (for those looking for a fun career, check them out!)