Germany Photo Shoot

Germany Photo Shoot

Last month Cynthia and Craig, super nice clients of mine, were kind enough hire me for a German photo shoot of a lifetime. They flew me from Kona (Hawai'i)  to Frankfurt and the 4 star Castle Hotel Schoenburg in Oberwesel Germany for an incredible photographer's adventure.

The occasion was for Boris' 40th birthday party. Decade birthdays-especially the 40th- are big in Deutschland. While Boris and his family live here now (I took his wife's high school senior photographs years ago), he grew up not too far from this incredible castle on the Rhine River.

These images were taken with my color infra red camera:

Even though I was due to spend 2 more days on the big island of Hawai'i and 2 more on Maui vacationing with my kids, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity I couldn't pass up. My son and daughter were OK staying in Hawaii while I left early. It took 27 hours to get there and I was in Germany for 49 hours before returning home.

This is my room (above the red brick-center, 2 windows with dark gray roof)

View from my room:

, which had a delectable piece of chocolate on the fine linen pillowcase:

So worth it though. Why?

  1. The People were fantastic (Or in Deutch: Fantastisch)
  2. The 1800 year old castle was stunning.
  3. The 4 Star hotel lived up to it's billing with impeccable service, facilities and superb dining, MMMM, all the food was scrumptious.
  4. The weather held up for me.Thankfully. (I must say I DID do a lot of praying for that, my cold to not get worse, and to have abundant energy. Fortunately God came through.)

When Craig picked me up at the airport, it was an hour drive to the castle up on the hill overlooking the Rhine. I unpacked my bags, freshened up, ate lunch and enjoyed the best soup I've ever had in my life. Then it was off for a tour of an old winery and their 1700's era cellar. For the tasting portion, we had 5 different wonderful white wines. The entire event lasted aver 2 hours.

Later that day, I explored the historic castle and enjoyed a delectable 5 course dinner.

Reading more about the hotel, I discovered that Aristotle Onassis, Nancy Reagan, Ella Fitzgerald, the music group Deep Purple had stayed there along with every recent German Chancellor and many other world leaders. No wonder, it's an incredible place to visit and stay. Everything has been restored over 3 generations so each room is meticulously decorated with old oil paintings, weapons, iron work, curtains, furniture, etc.  Just WOW.

The following morning after breakfast, I photographed all the different family groups in several locations (the entire hotel was rented out for guests of Boris). Here is Boris and his wife with the view of Oberwesel below.

Later that night, the party began with a 5 course dinner. Because there were about 55 people, they had to use both dining room areas. At one point when all 5 servers (decked out in old style German dress) were bringing out one of the courses, I felt like I was in a German Downton Abbey movie. Once midnight hit, it was Boris's actual birthday, so special events, roasts, toasts and kudos were given (most of which I didn't understand) for a very festive end to a blissful day. We left the castle to fly back to Eugene at 9am that morning.

Whirlwind, but I felt so blessed.

Hope you enjoyed the images and can someday stay at this wonderful castle.

Germany Photo Shoot