Miss January

Miss January

Lillian Clement from Thurston High School, Class of 2018 is Miss January in the 2017 Children's Miracle Network High School senior calendar. She was also on the B Seen Team as well and when we were doing a group photo shoot in the snow, she continued onto the slopes for this action shot (making sure we didn't re-injure her shoulder either).  Like all the models in the calendar, she was paid $50 to represent her High School.

We ARE looking for both calendar and B Seen Team models right now.  (Lilly is featured on the back of our promo card) To apply please go HERE.

B Seen Team models get a head shot session-

A Saturday Night Live! bumper shot image (Lilly's grandfather made this tin man, so it has important memories) -

Get on an anti-texting while driving billboard (this one featured 4 Thurston High School models and Eli Ream, a Creswell HS team member. It was located on I-105 for over two months-

Please #stoptexts #stopwrecks  #itcanwait

Can participate in group photo shoots like the Lane County Fair and, in this case, the snow-

And in most cases, get two full photo shoots. Lilly chose to go to a friends property-

And later in fall, to the University of Oregon campus-

About Lilly

Her Birthday is: March 23rd

Favorite Color: Burgundy

What words describe you best? "Kind, Empathetic and Intelligent"

What chore do you hate the most and why? "Vacuuming the floors because it make same hunch over and is loud".

Your Favorite Food and Drink? "Jamba Juice, all fruit peach passion smoothie"

Favorite Fictional Character? "Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch"

What super power would you like? "Teleportation"

If you could go to one place on earth, where would that be? "France, because of the museums, culture, food and architecture."  

What is a little Known Fact about you?  "I love to garden and collect indoor plants."

What are your Future aspirations? "I want to become a physical therapist and travel the world."

FUN January FACTS:

Full Moon is on the 1st ( Wolf Moon) AND we have a Blue Moon on the 31st (happens once every 2.7 years!)

Funniest holiday? Festival of Sleep Day, January 3rd.

Memorable holiday? Besides the 1st, Martin Luther King Day, January 15th

Birthstone? Garnet

Flower? Carnation

Children Miracle Network winners at Thurston HS in 2017? Mr. and Miss THS: Brian Selby and Sophia Stranieri

Great way to use the August 17-July 18 calendar this month? It ONLY costs $10 and you great coupons like $5  and $8 Off pizza, 2 for 1 Dutch Bros and dozens of others all good until June 2018!

Go skiing or snowboarding and get 50% off your rental at Berg's-no relation, just Norwegians like me. (Save $7.50!)

Get 2 for 1 Laser Trek or 2 for 1 Miniature golf at Putters. (Save $11!)

Willamette Pass is where I took the photography of Lilly. Locally owned, support this wonderful ski area

Looking for a great breakfast or lunch? Visit Ye Olde Pancake House on West 11th. Yummm!

Here is a short and fun trailer video of her and my favorite High School senior pictures.

Miss January