Fun Senior Pictures

Fun Senior Pictures

Olivia Birkby is a senior at Springfield High School. Here are some of her Fun Senior Pictures:

She is one of our B Seen Team models, which means she gets a head shot

Group photo shoots like the snow

(We always do some individual shots too)  This one is from the Lane County Fair

Saturday Night Live style bumper shots:

On an Anti-texting while driving billboard warning of the dangers of texting and driving (this one was located just off I-105 near Pioneer Parkway). Olivia is at the far right.

In Olivia's case, she got 2 full high school senior photo shoots and as a Eugene area photographer, that gives me a lot of flexibility not only for the seasons, but for locations.

We are looking for Class of 2019 Seniors (current Juniors) now. To apply, please go HERE.

This was taken at Dorris Ranch in Springfield, a favorite outdoor location for many photographers of senior pictures.

About  Olivia:

Her Birthday is: "April 2nd" (my son's is April Fool's close Olivia!)

Favorite Color: "Blue."

What words describe you best? "Fun and Athletic" 

What chore do you hate the most and why? "Doing the dishes, the feeling makes me feel gross."

Favorite Fictional Character?  "Dory"

What super power would you like? "The ability to fly."

Favorite TV show? "Grey's Anatomy"

What is a little Known Fact about you? "I'm scared of heights." (So much for skydiving and bungee jumping, right?)

What are your Future aspirations? "To go to medical school and become a surgeon."

Here is a cute short video trailer of her favorite high school senior photographs:

Fun Senior Pictures