Springfield Senior Photos

Springfield Senior Photos

Hannah West is one of my B Seen Team models meaning I got to take her Springfield Senior Photos. Class of 2018, she was a lot of fun to have on our team.

Team members get full senior sessions, (this one was taken in downtown Springfield)

a Head shot session,

a Saturday Night Live! Bumper shot

and a Billboard photo shoot (We promote to NOT text and drive). This one was off I-105 in Springfield.

Because she applied early, she was also featured on LTD bus ads:

Plus, Hannah joined the team for a group photo shoot in the snow at Willamette Pass Ski area.

She also had a second photo shoot as well (as do most of my models).

We ARE looking for High School Juniors (Class of 2019) now to join our team for 18-19. To apply, go here:

About  Hannah:

Her Birthday is: November 11th.

Favorite Color:  "Purple"

What words describe you best? "Extroverted, empathetic and adventurous". (True that)

What chore do you hate the most and why? "Chocolate covered insects-the thought of it makes me sick."

Your Favorite Food and Drink? "Burritos and Strawberry Lemonade."

Favorite Fictional Character? "Hazel Grace (Fault in our stars)"

What super power would you like? "Telekinesis" 

If you could go to one place on earth, where would that be? "The Philippines, it's a gorgeous place to zip-line."

Who do you admire?  "My Nana and Papa. They both work very hard and are selfless."

What is a little Known Fact about you? "I hate elevators."

What are your Future aspirations? "Study at George Fox University to become an athletic trainer."

Hannah was a joy to photograph, her exuberant spirit lifts everyone up.

Here is a short video trailer of some of her and my favorite images:

Springfield Senior Photos