Sheldon High School

Sheldon High School Mr. December

Logan Bothman of Sheldon High School is Mr. December in the Children's Miracle Network 2017-2018 High School Senior Calendar.

Besides being selected as a calendar model and getting paid $50 for that photo shoot up in the Oregon Mountains, Logan is also on our B Seen Team for the Class of 2018. (Right now we are looking for Juniors to apply for both programs. For more info go HERE.)

Being on the B Seen team includes getting some head shots

Having some as Saturday Night Live! Bumper shots:

Partaking in some fun group photo shoots:

Getting 2 full senior sessions: Logan's first one was at Dorris Ranch in Springfield

His second was near the Hult Center in downtown Eugene.

Logan's older sister Meredith was also one of our models (or reps if you prefer that term).

Plus being on the B Seen Team early enabled him to be on LTD buses:

And on a large billboard (this one was across from Trader Joes on Coburg Road);

I had been photographing both of them since they were born every year. Here is a link to his parents' decision to have professional photographs taken every year of their children.Now that he is an adult, I felt honored that he chose me to take his High School senior pictures too.

About Logan ?

His Birthday is: September 23rd.

Favorite Color: Green

Your Favorite Food ? Ropa Vieja

Favorite Fictional Character?  Hassling-Ketling

What super power would you like? Teleportation

Who do you admire? My Grandfather because he was a very Godly person who was always calm and was very humorous and optimistic. 

What is a little Known Fact about you? I like back bacon better than ordinary bacon.


Full Moon is on the 3rd ( The "Cold" Moon):

Funniest holiday? Barnie and Barbie Backlash Day, December 16th

Birthstone? Tanzanite

Flower? Nacissus

Children Miracle Network winners at Sheldon HS in 2017? Annie Capper and Dilan Gates were Miss and Mr. Irish.

Great way to use the August 17-July 18 calendar this month?

Save 10% at Bello Spa in Eugene. (Product or service!)

Bowling at Strike City, bowl 2 games, get 1 free (Save $6)

Models Wanted!  We'd love to have you apply! A shout out to Inn at the 5th in Eugene, #11 Hotel in America (Trip Advisor)

Here is a short trailer video of Logan's favorite images:

Sheldon High School