High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits

It was great taking Analisa's High School Senior Portraits this summer. She is a Class of 2018 senior at Pleasant Hill High School, (Go Billies!  I'm biased as PH is my Alma Mater. )

Analisa is also a model for us on our B Seen Team, which means she got a head shot session

a Saturday Night Live bumper shot look,

a June full senior session, (this was taken at Dorris Ranch in Springfield),

This senior picture below was taken with her older sister Alessandra, who was one of my B Seen models Class of 2016.

As a B Seen member, you can join in on some group photo shoots (and bring a friend too!)

a early fall session here at 5th Street Market in Eugene

and was featured on our Anti Texting while driving billboard campaign. (This one was located across from Trader Joes on Coburg in Eugene, sponsored by Nic Smith, State Farm)

Speaking of our B Seen Team, we are now taking applications for the Class of 2019 HS seniors. Click here for more info.

About  Analisa:

Her Birthday is: August 21st., 2000

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

What words describe you best? "Fun, giggly, blonde"  (has me going on that last one....)

What chore do you hate the most and why? "Putting away and folding laundry."

Your Favorite Drink? "Dutch Bros."

Favorite Fictional Character?  "Belle (Disney princess)"

What super power would you like? "To be invisible"

Any Nicknames?  "Goo"

What is a little Known Fact about you? "I can hula-hoop like a pro."

What are your Future aspirations? "Become a lawyer or marine biologist."

Here is a short video trailer showing Analisa's favorite images (and a couple of mine as well). Enjoy!

High School Senior Portraits