High School Cheerleader

High School Cheerleader

Springfield High School Cheerleader Alex Henshen is one of Class of 2018 B Seen Team Models.

Besides fun mini photo shoots, my models get full sessions as well-

It was super fun taking her senior pictures, as she was willing to get in cold water

lay on the ground

and do crazy things.

It was an also honor to be chosen as her photographer, I know there are a lot choices for teens today and with this once in a lifetime event, it's good that she chose the professional route with a multitude of experiences to make even more special. All too often, this event in their lives (becoming an adult) is short changed, never to get it back again. I had photographed her older sister a few years ago and it's nice to know that years later, her family is still enjoying them. Here is an image of Teal, her sister.

Besides Alex's head shot, she did two sessions, one with 2 outfits and one with 4 that included video as well. She also participated in our B Seen group photo shoots like this one with a graffiti wall:

and was featured on our anti-texting while driving billboard (Alex is on the far left).

Models also get Saturday Night Live! type bumper shots:

Right now, we are looking for future models (Juniors or Sophomores, etc.). For more info click on this LINK.

As a High School Cheerleader, it was appropriate we utilized Alex's cheer team outfit at Springfield High School, as being on cheer is not only demanding physically and athletically, but time wise as well.

About Alex:

Her Birthday is: July 4th

What word describe you best?  "Quiet"

What food would you never try and why?  "Shark, because I don't like seafood."

Your Favorite Food or Drink? "Strawberry Shake"

Favorite Fictional Character? "Olaf"

What chore do you hate the most? "Unloading the dishwasher."

What super power would you like? "Molecular Kine-sis" 

Favorite place to shop?  "American Eagle"

What is a little Known Fact about you? "I like to do the bare minimum work."  (Well, she IS the youngest at home-and honest!)

What are your Future aspirations? "To get married and have kids."

Here is a short trailer video of some of her favorite images from her many sessions:

High School Cheerleader