Churchill Football Eugene

Churchill Football Eugene

Jax Arnold goes is a senior at Churchill High School, Class of 2018. (Churchill Football Eugene). The HS senior portrait below was taken near sunset at Halverson field.

Jax is a Midwest league First Team 5A tight end and defensive lineman for the Churchill Lancers who made it to the finals at State, first time for Churchill for 38 years. He and the Lancers have had a great season to say the least.

He was also very fun to photograph. Jax (love the spelling!) is very easy going, affable, and an all around nice guy.

He selected to go to Armitage Park in Eugene Oregon to have me, his High School senior photographer, meet him there for his first outfit. It was a great location with fall colors that match his great hair, an old railroad trestle that now is a bike path, and of course, the Willamette River.

We then went to the football field at Churchill High School, where his football coach kindly had the stadium lights on for use during sunset so we could create more dynamic senior portraits of him on the field with his jersey.

Isn't Oregon great?

In the picture below, I'm using 2 lights, one to camera light and one slightly behind Jax.

It's always a senior or wedding photographers dream to have interesting backgrounds and lighting to help create great photos.

Below I used my professional photographer lighting gear for a more stunning senior portrait:

Being a senior is a milestone that calls for hiring a professional photographer. It truly is transition from a kid to an adult and this moment in time can never be repeated again. You can see more images on my High School Senior Site by clicking this LINK. If you'd like to email me for more info, please contact us HERE.

Here is a short trailer video of Jax's favorite images from his fall photo shoot. Hope you enjoy (and Happy Thanksgiving too!)

Churchill Football Eugene