Calendar Model Mechanic

Calendar Model Mechanic

Miss November in the Children's Miracle Network Calendar is our calendar model mechanic Sady Bittler of Springfield High School.

Enrolled in some of the advanced auto mechanic programs at SHS, Sady excels in working with automotive repair. Springfield has THE top automotive repair programs in the state and I was surprised to find so many cars and bays at the school.

She was paid $50 for this photo shoot to represent her High School. We are now looking for class of 2019 seniors (current HS juniors) to apply. You can do that by clicking here.

Sady was fun to photograph and there were so many cool images to select from, it was hard to just choose one.

About Sady

Her Birthday is October 21st.

Favorite Color: Pink

What words describe you best? "Outgoing, bubbly and fun". (Totally agree!)

What chore do you hate the most? "Dishes because you have to touch gross food."

Favorite Food/Drink:  "Chipotle and blended rebels from Dutch Bros."

Favorite Fictional Character? "Sven from Frozen"

What super power would you like? "To be able to fly."

If you could go to one place on earth, where would that be? "Hawaii"

Who do you admire? "My mom because she is a super mom."

What is a little Known Fact about you? "I am legally blind in my right eye."

What are your Future aspirations? "To open my own salon or auto body shop."  (Now THAT is 2 different options!)

FUN FACTS:  We are looking for Models for next year!

About November?

Full Moon is on the 4th (The Beaver Moon).

Funniest holiday? Chaos Never Dies Day (November 9th).

Memorable holiday? Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday, not only because of being with family and good food, but focusing on being Thankful.)

Birthstone? Citrine

Flower? Chrysanthemum

Children Miracle Network winners at Springfield HS in 2017? Madison Hodgin and Wyatt Keller

Great way to use the August 17-July 18 calendar this month?

Buy 1 Get 1 Free at  for any regularly priced large sandwich at McDonald's.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free any Julius drink or smoothie at Dairy Queen AND/OR $1 off any size blizzard (valid at Coburg, Springfield or Junction City).

Looking for GREAT Italian food?  Beppe & Gianni's is #1. (Beppe is from Italy and his family still lives there. Nuff said)

Calendar Model Mechanic Sady Bittler of Springfield High School, Oregon, Class of 2018.