North Eugene High School Seniors

North Eugene High School Seniors

Mr. October is a North Eugene High School Senior , Bryson Ivey.

Involved in theater, Bryson was a good fit for October and Halloween. Going with a Phantom of the Opera scene, I thought having him float above the stage would be something erie.

Bryson was also on our B Seen Team, which means he got a head shot

Bumper Shots (like Saturday Night Live!)

Group photo shoots and getting on a anti-texting while driving billboard (Bryson is in the center):

His board was sponsored by Pape and located on Beltline going west near NW Expressway. It was posted during the summer.

He also had a full photo shoot with two outfits. He chose to go to Skinner Butte park (we offer LOTS of cool ideas for our High School seniors ).

Bryson was paid $50 to be in the calendar. We are now looking for Class of 2019 Seniors (current High School juniors) to apply. Please go HERE for more info about the calendar and our B Seen Team.

FUN Calendar FACTS:

Full Moon is on the 5th ( Called the "Hunters" Moon):

Funniest holiday?  Moment of Frustration Scream Day (October 12th, Thursday)

Memorable holiday? Halloween of course, but Frankenstein Friday (October 27th) gives you a cool excuse to walk stiffly.

Birthstone? Opal

Flower? Marigold

Great way to use the August 17-July 18 calendar this month?

Save $7-$8 by going to Roaring Rapids. Pay for a Medium and get a large for no extra charge!

Tell your parents they get $50 OFF a Head shot at Bruce Berg Photography if they pay for it this month.Great deal for a corporate head shot or press release or social medium profile image. 541-726-6119

Lane Community College offers a ton of great classes at a pretty affordable rate. Check them out (my kids have taken classes there): LCC

For the best in High School senior pictures, check us out: or text 541-222-0979. 

North Eugene High School Seniors