South Eugene HS senior portraits

South Eugene HS senior portraits

Simon Mayberry is a Class of 2018 High School senior from South Eugene ( Oregon ) and is one of my B Seen Team Models. As a model, I took his South Eugene HS senior portraits .We are currently looking for the Class of 2019, more info HERE.

As a B Seen Team model, you receive an experience of a lifetime and a wide range of fun opportunities along with great high school senior pictures. Simon was great fun to photograph. He is a great guy, easy going, nice and a lot of fun to be around.

As one of my models, Simon got a head shot:

Some Saturday Night Live like "Bumper Shots":

An image to be on a anti texting while driving billboard (His was located on West 11th near Starbucks). Texting while driving is the #1 cause of deaths of America's teens. His board was sponsored by Waddell & Reed financial advisers:

He also participated in a group photo shoot and got some individual shots too:

And Simon received two full senior sessions, one taken at a park

and another session he choose to go to a junkyard full of old cars.

About Simon

His Birthday is April 21st and his nickname is Si.

His Favorite Color is Blue.

What words describe him best? "Athletic, Kind and Adventurous"

The chore he hates most is Vacuuming because "It's really boring and loud."

His Favorite Food is Mangos and Favorite Fictional Character is The Flash

What super power he’d like? To be able to fly.

Who he admires?  "Cristiano Ronald because he gives back to his community and he is a very hard worker. He's one of the most charitable athletes."

Little Known Fact? "My mom didn't allow me to have any sugar until I was 5 years old."

His Future aspirations is to play professional soccer.

Here is a short trailer video of his favorite senior portraits from his photo shoots:

South Eugene HS senior portraits