Oregon wedding planning

Oregon wedding planning can be stressful but fun. Read the ideas below for some great tips!

Oregon Wedding Planning Checklist for the Hands-On Groom

So, you're getting married. Congratulations! Next up is planning the wedding.

Yeah, that is largely the bride's domain, but you need to at least appear to care--which means showing up when she asks you to and having an opinion when she asks for that, too. When you show up you are being supportive and letting her know that she isn't in it alone. But it's a fine line. Try to do too much and you will just get in her way--and that's bad for everyone. You have to choose your battles. To help you out, here are a few suggestions.

1.   Draft Your Team

This is definitely in your domain. You get a best man--generally your best friend--and then the rest of your team. Usually the number of groomsmen corresponds with the number of bridesmaids, but as long as you get the important people in there, that's what really counts. This should probably include brothers, yours and hers.

2.   Suit Up

You are responsible for your tux. Although, you should probably get your bride's approval just to be safe. Once you have your tux, you need to make sure your boys are outfitted, too. Don’t forget to accessorize with matching cufflinks, socks and/or pocket squares to spruce up your look.

3.   Pick the Music

Every DJ has his playlist of wedding standards. Make sure you have a look at the playlists before the big day so that you can veto anything that is too cheesy or offensive. Also, make sure some of your favorites are included; especially if there are any songs that have significance for the two of you.

4.   Arrange the Transport

There is a good chance that the wedding and the reception are going to take place in two separate locations. Guests can take their cars. You could do that too, except-- come on-- it's your wedding. Whether you choose to hire a limo or get around some other way, getting your bride from point A to point B in safety and in style is one of your duties.

5.   Hire a Great Photographer

Don’t rely on just anyone with a camera to take photos of you on your big day. Sadly, from most of the photographers there is a lot of boring and inspired wedding pictures. You deserve multiple styles and photographs with heart. This is a once in a lifetime event-so don't scrimp out on this important service that will provide you memories years down the road. Do your loved one a service:  hire a professional wedding photographer to take gorgeous images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

6.   Stock the Bar

If you are going to have a bar at your reception, then make sure you know what is going to be served and make sure you approve. The bartender does not have to serve everything under the sun, but as long as he has a few well chosen drinks in his repertoire, guests will be happy and so will you.

7.   Get Rings

This is forever, so don't cheap out. Get her a real diamond wedding ring. Enough said.

8.   Plan the Honeymoon

Here is where you have the chance to shine. You don't have to worry about etiquette or being fancy. You do have to please your bride, though. Consider a destination that offers both the opportunity for adventure and gives you some really great spaces to just chill.

9.   Get Your Bride a Gift

While you are buying gifts for your posse, get something nice for your bride. You might present this at the rehearsal dinner or after the wedding. Giving her thoughtful token shows that you were thinking of her and the gesture will go a long way.

10.  Buy Groomsmen Gifts

It is customary to get small, meaningful gifts for members of the wedding party to thank them for their service. As noted before, the groomsmen are your responsibility. You could get them each a nice flask, but chances are, they still have the flask from the last wedding they attended. Get them personalized groomsmen gifts which you can monogram with their name or your wedding date.

11.  Write Your Vows

The simplest words are usually the most thoughtful. So unless you were a creative writing major in college, stick to simple, clear language. Be honest and make sure to mention things like fidelity, forever and falling in love when writing your own vows.

12.  Tip the Vendors

Yes, you paid the vendors, but you should still tip the people who deliver the flowers and the catering staff. And a little gratuity creates good karma.

Take care of these duties and you should be in the clear. You have helped your bride plan the big day, and hopefully not stepped on too many toes in the process. Once the planning is done, all that is left is to enjoy the big day and everything that comes after.

These great tips were provided by Tara Bernal.  Oregon wedding planning is a great thing to start early.

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