Marist High School Senior Portraits

Marist High School Senior Portraits

Mr. September 2017 from the Class of 2018  is Keaton Cunningham an example of Marist High School Senior Portraits for sports.

To represent his school, Keaton was paid $50 to kick a soccer ball inside my studio.

To keep everyone safe, we added the soccer ball later. Years ago when I was doing a soccer poster for, ironically enough, Marist High School, I was nailed in the head, so I didn't want to re-live that experience.

One thing we did different this year, was add quotes and sayings on the photograph. What do YOU think? Keep them for 2018-19? Any comments would be appreciated, just comment below.

Also, right now, we are starting to take applications from the High School Class of 2019 (Current Juniors). To apply go here.

About  Keaton Cunningham:

His Birthday is October 14th.

Blue is his favorite color, which worked great for his calendar photo shoot.

What words describe him best? "Hard working, confident and funny"

What chore he hates most: "Doing the dishes because it's so tedious and repetitive."

His favorite food is Frito Burritos. and favorite fictional character is Superman.

What super power he’d like: "To be invisible".

If he could go one place on earth it would be to Italy.  (I took this in 2016: Italian Dolomites)

Little Known Fact? "I love hiking and camping with friends and family as well as hunting."  (Ed: Hunting and Fishing Day is September 23rd!)

Future aspiration is to enter the Air Force Academy and become a pilot. Here he is flying with Emily of North Eugene at the Lane County Fair.


Full Moon is on the 6th  (The Harvest Moon):

Funniest holiday? Talk like a Pirate Day, September 19th. Arrrrr!

Memorable holiday? Labor Day (September 4th), or Grandparents Day (September 10th) or Patriots Day (September 11th).  All work for me.

Birthstone is Blue Sapphire

Flower is the Aster.

Children Miracle Network winner at Marist High School in Eugene in 2017? Jack McGaughey

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Marist High School Senior Portraits