Class of 2018 Seniors

Class of 2018 Seniors

Ashleigh Hubbard of Thurston High School in Springfield Oregon is our 1st Model in the new 2017-2018 Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar.

She ran on the beach with her dog Abby on the Oregon coast at Heceta Head Lighthouse north of Florence. Many of the images in the calendar are static, but I like to have a few action shots as well. She and her dog did a great job running back and form until I got this image.

Ashleigh is in the Class of 2018 Seniors and one of my B Seen! Team Models as well.

Being on the team, gets you on the anti-texting while driving campaign that I help support in the Eugene-Springfield metro area. In Ashleigh's case, since she applied early, not only did she get on a billboard sponsored by Dr. Sutter . . .for beautiful smiles

But also on the LTD buses earlier this spring as well. (Here with Abbey Siroshton of Marist). LTD was kind to donate

B Seen Team members get to participate in group photo shoots. One in an alley, the other up in the snow.

Have a head Shot

And some other Saturday Night Live type of Bumper Shots too.

She went with the model option for two full high school senior sessions. Her 1st photo shoot was at Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm in Pleasant Hill (I know the owner, which is key).

About  Ashleigh:

Her Birthday is June 3rd.

Her Favorite Color is teal and drink is water.

What words describe her best? "Loving, Funny & Friendly."  (I concur!)

What chore she hates most:  "Dishes, because gross things get on my hands."

Favorite Fictional Character: "Minnie Mouse".

If she had a super power it would be Invisibility.

If she was invisible what would she do?  "Spy on people!"

Who do you admire?: "My dad. He means the world to me."

Future aspiration is to become an ultra-sound technician.

Little Known Fact?  "I love to fish."


Full Moon is on the 7th (The Sturgeon Moon):

Funniest holiday?  National Tooth Fairy Day, August 22nd. Get those quarters ready.

Memorable holiday? National Relaxation Day on August 15th. Get a nap!

Birthstone?  Peridot

Flower? Gladiolus

Great way to use the August 17-July 18 calendar this month?

Camp Putt in Glenwood!

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Class of 2018 Seniors  Ashleigh Hubbard, Thurston High School Oregon senior pictures