Pleasant Hill High School Senior Pictures

Pleasant Hill High School Senior Pictures

Miss July 2017 in the Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar is Emily Banks who just graduated from Pleasant Hill High School.

Em has been very active in 4-H and raises pigs and shows them at the Lane County Fair, so it was very appropriate she is Miss July.

It was great fun and highly educational for me to go to her home and see her with her pigs. They truly are highly intelligent. She takes them on mile+ long walks every day and they follow her like a dedicated dog. The featured pig, Roxy, is fortunate;. Because of her size, she is now a breeder pig and not bacon. Cute Roxy was eating a bag of marshmallows every day.

Besides being paid $50 for this photo shoot, Emily was also on our B Seen! Team as one of my 30 models from the Class of 2017 for her Pleasant Hill High School Senior Pictures.

This photo shoot below was at Dorris Ranch in Springfield, a great place to take your dog (or pig?) for a walk.

This session below here was taken in Jasper Park in Pleasant Hill. As a "Billie" from newborn until I graduated there from High School, I frequented this park fairly often.

As a B Seen Team member, all our models are also featured on an Anti-Texting while driving billboard. Emily is the 3rd from the left. this board was on Main Street in Springfield this past summer in Oregon.

While we have all of our models for the Class of 2018, if you know someone who will be a Junior this fall have them apply for both the calendar and B Seen! Team by going to this link.

-Emily's Bio-

Favorite Color: "Bright Purple"

What words describes her best?  "Outgoing, funny, ambitious and adventurous."

What chore she hates most: "Cleaning my room."

Favorite Food/Drink: "Fruit and Green Tea."

Favorite Fictional Character: "Katniss everdeen."

What super power she’d like: "The power to read minds."

If they could go to one place on earth where would that be? "Italy. It's always been of dream of mine since I was little."

If she was invisible what would she do?  "Scare the daylights out of people!"

Who she admires: "My mom, for putting up with my brother and me and teaching me everything I'll ever need."

Little Known Fact? "I'm extremely artistic."

Future Aspiration is to: "Go to college to purse animal science and Ag Business."

Here is a fun, short video trailer of Emily's favorite high school senior portraits:

On the front of the calendar is Nic Ah Sam, who was just named Register-Guard Prep Male Athlete of the Year. He graduated from Springfield High School


Full Moon is on the 9th  (The "Thunder"  Moon):

Funniest holiday?  Barbie in a Blender Day (July 27th)

Memorable holiday? July 4th of course. So glad we are free!

Birthstone? Ruby

Flower? Larkspur

Children Miracle Network winner at HS in 2016? Mr. Billie was Chris Tokatly

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Pleasant Hill High School Senior Pictures