Oregon Senior Portraits

Oregon Senior Portraits

Oregon Senior Portraits of Emily Beck, Marist High School, Class of 2017.

Besides being Miss May in the 2016-2017 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar, Emily is on our B Seen! Team as well.

B Seen! Team models get several photo shoots. PLUS they get to be on an anti-texting while driving billboard. Emily is third from the left. This board was across from Trader Joe's on Coburg Road in Eugene.

For one of her my main session, she choose to be photographed at my photography studio

Emily choose to go the Lane County Fair for a group photo shoot and some colorful individual shots.

And for her second session, went to the Oregon coast near Florence. Hard to beat the beach.

Emily's Bio:

Her Favorite Color is blue.

What words describes her best? Energetic, silly and positive. (Great onesEm!)

What chore she hates most: "Doing the dishes because it's gross toughing the food."

Favorite Food is Mac and Cheese.

What super power she’d like: "To fly!"

Greatest accomplishment to date: "My 18's volleyball team going to Nationals in open division for the first time ever in our club history." 

Who she admires:"My mom because she always does so much for everyone else without recognition."

Little Known Fact?"I absolutely love kids and puppies."

Future hope or aspiration? "To become an elementary teacher and volunteer at he local animal shelter."

Here is a short, fun video trailer of some of her favorite images!

Oregon Senior Portraits