Marist High School Portraits

Marist High School Portraits

Marist High School Portraits of Jack Lund, Class of 2017

Jack is a driven, yet easy going guy. Very respectful, thoughtful and intelligent. Because of that, it was a lot of fun taking his senior pictures.

As one of our B Seen! Team models, he got two sessions besides the ones taken below,

He chose to have one her at my studio (where I can access my neighbors cool backgrounds)

and the other he elected to go to Alton Baker Park in Eugene.

In that fall session, he included his younger (and taller...why is the second child almost always taller than the older one?  Can't figure that one out.) brother.

It was a gorgeous day in Eugene Oregon, a photographers dream that lent itself to stunning photographs.

Plus, as a B Seen! Team model, he was featured on this huge billboard by Trader Joe's during the summer.

We are still taking applications for the Class of 2018 B Seen! Team. For more info, click HERE. 

About Jack:

His favorite color is Purple, blue or gray.

Favorite food is Sushi and he likes to sing, play video games and read in his spare time.

3 words to describe himself? Caring, Determined and  Witty.

The chore he hates most? Dishes.

If he had a super power it would be the ability to control time (that WOULD be awesome!).

Little known fact about Jack? He's been to six different countries.

His future aspiration is to become a United Stated foreign service agent. My guess is that he'd go to more than six countries.

Here is a short video trailer of some of his favorite images. Hope you enjoy!

Marist High School Portraits