Marist High School Eugene Oregon

Marist High School Eugene Oregon

Marist High School Eugene Oregon features two Class of 2017 Seniors in the Children's Miracle Network High School calendar: Emily Beck & Marcus Lydon.

Both of them will be featured later this month with their own trailer video, favorite senior pictures and blog post, so stay tuned!

Both Emily and Marcus got paid $50 for this fun photo shoot taken in Eugene.

We are looking for the Class of 2018 to apply for the calendar and get paid $50 if you are selected to represent your High School, and/or apply to be a part of our B Seen! Team for an experience unlike other.

Not only do you get incredible senior pics, you are featured on a HUGE billboard with an important message (see below, both Marcus and Emily are on this billboard on Coburg Road, one of five in the Eugene and Springfield area).

And you also get to participate in various Class of 2018 fun group activities. For more info click HERE.


Full Moon is on the 10th ( The Flower Moon)

Funniest holiday?  I can't decide. Either Lost Sock Memorial Day (May 9th) or Twilight Zone Day (May 11th). What do you think?

Memorable holiday? Memorial Day, May 29th. Remembering those who lost their lives to protect and defend our country. They paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Birthstone for May is the Emerald.

Flower is Lilly of the Valley

Children Miracle Network winner at HS in 2016 at Marist? Leo Rain was Mr. Spartan

Great way to use the August 2016-July 2017 calendar this month?

Play Mini-golf at Putters OR Laser Trek (Laser tag is a blast!).

Buy 1, get 1 free-save up to $11 on Laser Trek, with the calendar only $10, you've already saved money, plus you have all those other great coupons like 2 for 1 Dutch Bros., $5 off Papa's Pizza, save $7-9 upgrading your pizza at Roaring Rapids, and many many others.

Speaking of many others...  with the calendar you can also get: $25 off Eugene Tattoo of an hour or more.

Other great advertisers are Northwest Retirement Services (Great place to start putting away for an Ira or to have your parents talk to them about retirement planning before it's too late)

and Paramount Mortgage Company (let your parents know they are a great place to help them refinance your home).

If you are interested in purchasing the calendar, cost is just $10 and $5 is given to Children's Miracle Network. All coupons except Emerald Valley Golf are good until July 31st, 2017. (It also makes a great fund raiser for your club or team,you keep $7 of the $10 and CMN gets $2)  For more info: Just email us!

Marist High School Eugene Oregon