High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits of Marcus Lydon, Marist High School, Class of 2017

Marcus is Mr. May for the 2016-2017 Children's Miracle Network High School senior calendar that I produce. He was paid $50 for this 20 minute photo shoot in Eugene (along with fellow Spartan, Emily Beck):

The calendars include $300 worth of great coupons, so they make for a ssuperb fund raiser, as you club or team keeps $7 of the $10 sale price, and CMN gets $2.

Marcus was also on the B Seen! Team as one of my models, which featured him on a group photo shoot in the snow

on an anti-texting while driving billboard

As well as two full senior photo shoots.  The first one was at an old Junkyard with cool antique and vintage cars

The second one took place in the fall, at his families properties out by Crow.

More about Marcus, His Bio:

Favorite Color:  "Light Blue"

What words describes him best? "Fun & outgoing"

What chore he hates most: "Picking up poop. It's just gross."

Favorite Food/Drink: "Ribs & Lemonade"

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go & why? "Europe's oldest cities because of their historical significance."

Favorite Fictional Character: "Batman"

What super power he’d like: "To fly"

What he does with his free time:  "I like to fish or just hang out."

Who he admires: "My grandfather, because of his hard work and accomplishments."

Little Known Fact?"I love to go deer hunting."

Here is a short video trailer of some of his favorite images (along with a few of mine):

High School Senior Portraits