New Business Tips

New Business Tips

It's always scary venturing out on your own. But it CAN be a ton of fun to free yourself from the constraints of corporate America too.

Back to the scary part though.  You need to ask yourself these new business tips :

-How much safety net do I have?

-Will I be able to provide enough income?

-What happens if the economy goes into the tank?

-Will clients continue to come to me, week after week after month?

I remember when I elected to leave my secure, well paying job at United Airlines (BEFORE they sucked), I knew that I would miss the travel and medical benefits, but not the work hours or corporate structure. I have no regrets venturing out on my own, using seed money the airline paid me to leave. From there we traveled for a month in Europe and then after we got back, moved my photography studio from Eugene to Springfield (Oregon).

It IS important to not be foolish and have savings and other forms of income. My wife and I had saved up other money, plus she had a job at Sacred Heart as a nurse, so we had medical benefits as well. Over the next decade, the business continued to grow, allowing me to be the sole provider for our family for 20 years. So I was fortunate.

What made a difference? Providing the very best.

Sure a lot of people may not be able to afford what you offer, but if you go above and beyond in terms of product and customer service, you WILL find success in whatever you do.

Other New Business Tips:

Having an accounting software program is essential to help in this regard. It helps clear the cobwebs and lets you see the REAL picture of what is going on. Settting up before or just after you start your new business is smart, but not required. For those familiar with Quick Books, here is source worth checking out.

Besides a good accounting program?

-Have a solid, good website with strong SEO (search engine optimization) that is mobile friendly as over 80% of your clients DON'T use a computer, but rather their smart phones. Make sure you utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Linked-in, Twitter and Facebook.

-Insure that your packaging is strong. We use H-B packaging for bags, boxes, tissue and such. In fact, if you use my name, Berg17, they'll give you a 15% discount.

-Show off any awards you earn and publicize it via social media and the local news.


-Thank your clients with a personal note or even gift. That will create not only good will, but may help garner additional clients down the line.

-If you are a photographer and would like more specific marketing tools, please visit my site for more information.

-Here are 26 great tips from other small business owners:

I wish you the best in your new adventure.  I'm sure it will be scary, but a whole lot of fun too!

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