Willamette High School Seniors Miss April

Willamette High School Seniors

Willamette High School Seniors are a fun group.  From them, Jennifer Aguirre was chosen to represent their school as Miss April,, Class of 2017 in the 2016-2017 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar that I produce.

Besides being a star athlete in Soccer, Jennifer likes to listen to music and read.

As Miss April, she was paid $50 for a 20 minute photo shoot.  We are now looking for current Juniors (Class of 2018) to apply to be in the upcoming calendar. For more information or to apply go here.

About Jennifer:

Her Birthday is August 3rd.

Her Favorite Color is Maroon (She goes to the right school then. . .)

What words describes her best? Athletic and Caring

What chore she hates most: Cleaning my room, because I have so many clothes to pick up! (Sounds like my daughter.)

Favorite Food/Drink: Pasta and Tea.

Favorite Fictional Character: Olaf from Frozen

What super power she’d like: Reading Minds.

If she was invisible what would she do? Snoop around to find things out. (Hopefully not test questions Jennifer...)

Who she admires: My sister Brandy because she's so smart and caring.

Little Known Fact? I hate peanut butter and chocolate. 

Future Aspirations? To play pro soccer or play in the Olympics.


Full Moon is on the 11th  ( the Pink Moon):

Funniest holiday? April Fools day (my son's birthday and the day hopefully the Ducks win at the Final Four) and Blah Blah Blah Day (April 17th)

Memorable holiday? Easter Sunday April 16th

Birthstone? Diamond

Flower? Daisy

Children Miracle Network winner at HS in 2016?  Lexie Haller was Miss Wolverine

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Cover of the Calendar is Nic Ah Sam of Springfield. Do you know of a Junior who would look good here next year???

Willamette High School Seniors