South Eugene Oregon Senior Pictures

South Eugene Oregon Senior Pictures

Lucy Geller is a senior at South Eugene High School (Class of 2017).

I was fortunate to photograph her older sister Rachel's senior pictures and was honored when Lucy chose me to take hers as well.

She is a very kind, intelligent, talented person who was a lot of fun to be around.

For her two outfit photo shoot, she selected to come to my historic studio to get both inside and outside photographs. Living in a historic neighborhood has it's benefits, as I'm able to use various architectural elements from classic to funky as well as natural fauna such as trees, flowers and bushes.

Here are some of her favorite images (I especially like the fact that she brought her Ukelele!).

Most photographers do not watermark their images. Why do I?  Because unbeknownst to most people, it is well documented that unscrupulous folks from other countries are pulling images off many photographers' sites to use for adverting purposes (some are for ads that are "not redeeming" shall we say). While I'm not paranoid about this issue, protecting my clients is my #1 priority, thus the watermarks.  Hope you can appreciate my rationale.

Her South Eugene Oregon Senior Pictures also include this short but fun video trailer.  Hope you enjoy it!

South Eugene Oregon Senior Pictures