North Eugene High School Senior Pictures

Eugene High School Senior Pictures Jacob Truitt

Jacob is a senior at North Eugene and is on the Highlander track team.

He is featured in the 2016-17 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar as Mr. March and was paid $50 for his professional photo shoot done last June taken at N.E. High School.  I had him run 40 meters six times so I made sure my panning effect worked and he was in focus.  I wanted something gritty and determined, to fit the long distance runner that he is.  Jacob was so easy to work with.

We are currently looking for Juniors (Class of 2018) to apply for the upcoming calendar as well as our B Seen! Team Model program.  Go HERE to apply.

It's always a lot of fun for me to find new ways to photograph people that is unique which applies not only to High School senior pictures, but the calendar shoots as well.

Eugene High School Senior Pictures

About Jacob

Favorite Color: Blue

What words describes him best? Driven & Energetic.

What chore he hates most: Doing the dishes because the water gets everywhere!  (Are you sloppy Jacob???)

Favorite Food/Drink: Pot Stickers & Apple Juice.

Favorite Fictional Character: Arrow (based on D.C. comics Green Arrow).

What super power he’d like: Super Strength   (And here I thought he'd say super speed...).

Favorite Magazine?  Runners World.

If he could go one place on earth where it would be & why?  To China, to visit my relatives. 

Little Known Fact? I can do 3 finger one arm push ups.

Future Aspiration: To go to the college on the East Coast.


Full Moon is on the 12th (Worm Moon):

Funniest holiday? March 5th, National Multiple Personalities Day.

Yummiest day?  Free pancakes at I-Hop March 7th.  (Aren't you glad you are reading this?)

Memorable holiday?  Ummm, all of spring break (March 27-31)?  OK: St. Patricks Day, March 17th.  Go Irish!

Birthstone? Aquamarine

Flower? Daffodil

Children Miracle Network winner at North Eugene HS in 2016? Mr. Highlander was Kyle Baxter

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North Eugene High School Senior Pictures