Senior Model Lauren Miller of Sheldon HS

Sheldon High School: Lauren Miller Senior Model

Our Senior Model as Miss February is Lauren Miller, a senior at Sheldon (located in Eugene Oregon) and on the Irish basketball team.

She is featured in the 2016-17 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar and was paid $50 for her professional photo shoot done last June.  She was awesome to work with.  I used my smoke machine, theatrical gels and real fire for this image.  Except for adding the tattoo (leaf effect), believe it or not, this image is NOT photo shopped.  The fire looks much more realistic and it's actually safe. (My secret ;-) )

She's also featured on the back of the calendar as a Senior Model .

We are currently looking for Juniors (Class of 2018) to apply for the upcoming calendar as well as our B Seen! Team Model program (where you get featured on a huge billboard encouraging people to not text and drive.  Go HERE to apply.

It's always a lot of fun for me to find new ways to photograph people that is unique which applies not only to High School senior pictures, but the calendar shoots as well.  For athletes, I often use either smoke or fire if their session is in my studio.

About Miss February: Lauren Miller

Favorite Color: Baby Blue

What words describes her best? Outgoing, energetic, athletic.

What chore she hates most: Taking out the trash because it's smelly and dirty. 

Favorite Food/Drink: Pasta & Lemonade

Favorite Fictional Character: Patrick Star  (Sponge Bob)

What super power she’d like:To be able to read minds so I could know the truth at all times. (That MIGHT be scary Lauren!)

If she could go to one place on earth where would it be?  Hawaii because it's so peaceful.

Maui, where I photographed a wedding in 2014. I'll be in Kona around New Years 2017.

Infrared image taken during an Oahu wedding I had.

Favorite TV show: America's Next Top Model (I DO watch that myself---mostly skipping to the professional photo shoots.)

Who she admires: My mom because she always wants me to do my best in life wherever I go. 

Little Known Fact? I can ride a 10 foot unicycle while playing basketball.  (How does the dunking part work then?)

Future Aspiration: To become an Orthodontist and leave people happier when they leave. 


Full Moon is on the 11th (Snow Moon):

Funniest holiday? Blame Someone Else Day (why bother being responsible right?):  February 13th.

Memorable holiday?  Oregon's Birthday...or Valentines Day.  Both on February 14th.

Birthstone? Amethyst

Flower? Violet

Children Miracle Network winners at Sheldon HS in 2016? Mr. & Miss Irish was Garrett Peters & Emily Potucek

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Senior Model  Sheldon High School