Oregon Senior Pictures Bo Rust

Oregon Senior Pictures of Bo Rust, Springfield High School

Oregon Senior Pictures

Bo is a Class of 2017 senior at Springfield High in Oregon and one of our B Seen! Team models.

He got two full photo shoots.  One taken at Dorris Ranch in Springfield:

The other, he elected to do in downtown Eugene with its funky urban walls

As one of our models, he joined our group photo shoot at the Lane County Fair

And he was featured on our anti-texting while driving billboards. Texting while driving is the #1 cause of death among American teenagers.  #itcanwait and #stoptextsstopwrecks are too good hashtags to share.  His board was located on Main Street in Springfield (he is second from the left).

It was great taking his Oregon Senior Pictures as he is very kind, spontaneous, fun loving, easy going and highly talented with his musical abilities.


Favorite Color:  "Red"

What chore he hates most?  "Folding laundry because it takes too long."

Favorite Food/Drink:  "Oranges & Ice Tea"

Favorite Fictional Character:  "Adrian Monk"

What super power he’d like:  "Ability to Fly"

Future hope/aspiration?  "To go to college and become a composer."

Little Known Fact? "I like oil painting"

Here is a trailer video of some of his (and my) favorite images.

Oregon Senior Pictures