High School Calendar Model

High School Calendar Cover Model Nic Ah Sam of Springfield High School

Nic is a senior at Springfield High School and was a star on the Miller football and basketball team, thus we incorporated both sports for his photograph.

He is featured on the cover of the 2016-17 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar and was paid $50 for his professional photo shoot done last June. His mom, Margie, assisted me (ball handler!) along with my son (for the lighting-see calendar above).

Bruce Berg Senior Photography

High School Calendar Model

Nic was also on our B Seen! Team for his senior portraits as well.

We are currently looking for Juniors (Class of 2018) to apply for the upcoming calendar as well as our B Seen! Team Model program.

Go HERE to apply.

Nic wearing our B Seen! Team t-shirt

All Team members are featured on a large anti-texting while driving billboard. #itcanwait.  This board was sponsored by LCC.  We'd LOVE more sponsors for 2017!

It's always a lot of fun for me to find new ways to photograph people that is unique which applies not only to High School senior pictures, but the calendar shoots as well.

About High School Calendar Cover Model Nic Ah Sam

Favorite Color: Red.

What words describes him best? Funny, Athletic, Smart.

What chore he hates most: Doing the Dishes (Because they aren't all mine.)

Favorite Food/Drink: Chicken Strips & Berry Smoothies

Little Known Fact?  I LOVE sports (I think that is a well known fact Nic!)

What super power he’d like: Invisibility

If he could go to one place on earth, where would it be and why?  Samoa, because it's my home country. 

Who he admires: Kobe Bryant, because he's the greatest basketball player ever.

Favorite Fictional Character: Superman

Future Aspirations? To play college sports, run my own business and make my momma proud.  (Nic accepted a college football scholarship to Portland State to play football.  As something my children can relate to, Nick's wonderful mother, Margie Ah Sam, unexpectedly passed away October 16th and in my opinion,  he has made her very proud not only with his athletic endeavors, but even more so with his attitude and spirit.)

Calendar Costs just $10.  A great way to raise money with over $300 in coupons in the book, your group keeps $7 and of the $3 returned to me, $2 goes to Children's Miracle Network.  

Email me for more info.

Some great ways to use the calendar this month?

How about 2 for 1 Dutch Bros.?  (This coupon alone will pay for 1/2 of your calendar cost. Springfield HS choir is selling them along with other school groups).

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High School Calendar Model