Cheerleader Calendar Model: Abigail

Cheerleader Calendar Model

Our Cheerleader Calendar Model for January 2017 is Abigail Bunce of Cottage Grove High School.miss-january-17

She was paid $50 to represent her school in the 2016-2017 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar.  We are NOW needing Class of 2018 Seniors (current HS Juniors) to apply to be in next years' calendar and/or to be a part of our B Seen! Team (Senior photographs on Espresso!).  Go HERE to apply.

Abigail (Abby) is on the Lions' Cheer team and was a lot of fun to photograph due to her energy and kind spirit. nic-calendar-cover calendar-back

About Abigail?


Her birthday is September 5th.

Her favorite color is orange. (Thus the orange background taken in my photography studio.)

What words describes her best? "Thoughtful, kind and happy."

What chore she hates most: "Doing the dishes."

Favorite Food is Ramen Noodles (that will save money when she goes to college!)

Favorite Fictional Character: "Yogi Bear" (Hey hey hey Boo Boo!)

What super power she’d like: "Mind Reading" (I wonder if she knows I'm writing this right now?)

Little Known Fact? "I enjoy everything musical and play guitar and the bass and sing too."

Her future aspiration is to complete a dental assisting program at LCC.  (Which is one of our calendar sponsors btw and a great place to get a start on your education.)



Full Moon is on the 12th  (The "Wolf"  Moon)

Funniest holiday?  The fact that both Chocolate Cake Day is the same official holiday as Thomas Crapper Day (January 27th).  Is there a symbiotic relationship here????

Memorable holiday? Probably New Years, Martin Luther King Day (1-16-no school) or National Hugging Day on January 21st.

(IF you HAD the calendar, you'd know all these fun facts!  Cost is just $10 and includes $300 worth of coupons, including 2 for 1 Dutch Bros!)

Birthstone? Garnet


Flower? Carnation


Children Miracle Network winner at Cottage Grove High School  in 2016? Brad Giesler was crowed Lion King.

Great way to use the August 15-July 16 calendar this month?

Go skiing or snowboarding with all that snow in the Mountains (We WILL be having a snow trip in February btw-super fun! Just email or call us for more info)

Bergs Ski Shop (no relation, honest....well maybe 7th cousins) is offering 50% off your ski/board rental.  Save $7-$10!


You want to head up to Willamette Pass this year, as they celebrate their 75th anniversary.  It's a great ski area with terrain for all levels of skiers or snowboarders.  And wow do they have snow!


For great food, have you checked out Ye Olde Pancake House on West 11th? (East of Fred Meyers about two blocks). Yummm!!


Abby is a Cheerleader calendar model from Cottage Grove High School.  For GREAT Senior Pictures, text: 541-543-6596 or Call us: 541-726-6119.