Thurston High School Model Darian Demarce

High School Model

Miss December in the 2016-17 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar is Darian Demarce of Thurston High School in Springfield Oregon.


Darian is also on our B Seen! Team,



Being part of our team means she was featured on an anti-texting while driving billboard

and had two group photo shoots, one in the snow


And the other one was at the Lane County Fair with some of our other B Seen! Team models. (There were 4 different groups that day.)


The other benefit is a head shot session


Plus she gets other personal portrait sessions.  The first location she chose in spring was at Dorris Ranch in Springfield:

darian-demarce-3 darian-demarce-4 darian-demarc-5 darian-demarce-2

She also did one in with urban walls and at the Rose Gardens in Eugene in the summer.

darian-demarce-6 darian-demarce-7

Right now we are looking for the Class of 2018 (Current High School Juniors) to join our '18 team.  If they join by late January, they will not only be featured on a billboard, but also on the side of LTD buses as well like these models were!

LTD Features Models

To apply go HERE.

About Darian:



Her Birthday is March 15th.

Favorite Color: Maroon

What words describe her best? "Amiable and Unassuming"

What chore she hates most:  "Dishes. There is nothing worse than soggy food"  (This family needs a dog. :-) )

Favorite Food/Drink: "Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo and Apple Juice."

Favorite Fictional Character: Finn Collins from the 100.

If she could go one place on earth where would it be? "Hawaii.  I've always wanted to go."

What super power she’d like: "Invisibility."

If he was invisible what would she do? "I'd play pranks on my friends." 

Who she admires:  "Emma Roberts because she's true to herself and loving to everyone."

Future hope and aspiration is to get her Bachelors' degree in forensics at OSU and because a forensic scientist.

Fun December Facts?

Full Moon is on the 13th  (The Cold  Moon):

Funniest holiday? Tie between International Ninja Day (Dec 5th) and Barnie and Barbie Backlash Day (December 16th).

Memorable holiday? Christmas of course.


Birthstone? Tanzanite.  (This is good for me to know, as my daughter's birthday is in December.)


Flower? Narcissus


Cover of the calendar/coupon book:  Model is Nic Ah Sam of Springfield.

nic calendar cover

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It was great taking Darian's senior portraits. She was a lot of fun and was willing to try all types of ideas that I came up with (like climbing a tree).


As a HS senior, it really is an opportunity to get unique, professional images of you that symbolizes the transition to adulthood.  So many teens today are missing out of this incredible experience because they are having friends or semi-professional photographers take their pictures to ho-hum results. I would encourage you to notice the difference.

Here is a short video trailer of Darian's favorite senior pictures.  Hope you enjoy!

High School Model