Oregon Senior Pictures Thurston High School

Oregon Senior Pictures

Oregon Senior Pictures :  Jacob is a senior at Thurston High School in Springfield and will graduate in 2017.  I had actually photographed him in a family portrait session I took over seven years ago.  (He's changed a lot since then!)

We did my two outfit session and Jacob chose to go to campus at the University of Oregon.

Right now we ARE looking for High School Juniors (Class of 2018) to apply for our B Seen! Team.  They will be featured on an Anti-Texting While Driving billboard and get group photo shoots, as well as a host of other great options.  To find out more, please click Here. 

Here are some of Jacob's favorite images:

Oregon Senior Pictures

jacob-bean-4 jacob-bean-5 jacob-bean

The image below is another portrait I really like because of how timeless it looks. You can't always depend on the sun (it was overcast), so I use a supplemental flash to pop out catch lights in the eyes.  In this case, I increased the power of the flash for this cool effect that also cast a shadow on the wall.


Oregon Senior Pictures  Thurston High School senior portraits

Here is a short trailer video of images Jacob ordered. Oregon Senior Pictures