South Eugene High School Leah Haider

South Eugene High School

South is represented by Miss August, Leah Haider, a Class of 2017 senior.  Here she is in our 2016-17 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar:

miss august 16

Leah traveled all over thus current summer.  She is also one of our 32 B Seen! Team models, meaning that she gets two full photo shoots:

leah haider 1 (2) leah haider 1

A head shot and a fun one too....

Leah is part of our HS Class of 2017 B Seen Team. South Eugene High School.

May 16 Leah Haider

Here are some others that are her favorites:

leah-haider-6 leah-haider-7 leah-haider-2leah-haider-4 leah-haider-6 leah-haider-8

This is her short video trailer showcasing her favorite portraits:

OK....changing the subject a bit.  #1 Cause of teenage deaths in America? Texting while driving. Leah was on one of our Anti-Texting while Driving Billboards.


Her board was located in Eugene on Beltline heading East. (Just past NW Expressway on the left or south side of  Beltline).  If you know someone who is a HS junior, have them apply to be a part of our B SeenTeam and they will be on a billboard this coming summer!

About Leah?

Favorite Color:  Black or Burgundy.

What words describe her  best?  Quirk and adventurous.

What chore she hates most:  Washing Dishes.

Favorite Food/Drink:  pizza & iced chai.  (yum!!!).

Favorite Fictional Character: Wednesday Adams.

What super power she’d like:  To read minds.

If she could go one place on earth where would it be?  Bora Bora  (You can see images from my trip there in 2015 HERE).

Who she admires:  Macklemore

Little Known Fact? She was born in Africa (Abidjah, Cote d' Ivoire.  We know it as the Ivory Coast).

The Calendar costs just $10. With over $300 in coupons in the calendar like 2 for 1 Dutch Bros, 2 for 1 golf at Emerald Valley and 24 others, this calendar/coupon book is an easy sale at $10.  If your school group sells them, no $ is due upfront and your team/club/organization keep $7 of the $10, returning $3 for me, where $2 goes to CMN-so it is a dual fund raiser.  Call us for more details.

South Eugene High School