Churchill High School Calendar Model

Calendar Model

Our Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar features Ari Thein representing Churchill High School  as Miss November.


She was paid $50 for this fun photo shoot at Bounce Gym in Eugene Oregon. We ARE looking for the High School Class of 2018 to apply for next years calendar (and to join our B Seen! Team as well).  To apply, please go here.

About Ari:

Her Favorite Color:  "Maroon"

What words describe her best? "Genuine, bold and strong".  (Definitely the later, it takes a lot of strength to do silks.)

What chore she hates most:  "Doing Dishes".  (After she cooks a meal she wants to snooze).

Favorite Food/Drink:  "Pretzel bites with pizza filling."

Favorite Fictional Character:  "Scrat from Ice Age"

What super power she’d like:  "To be able to fly"

A place she'd love to visit? "New Zealand to see all the Hobbit cottages!"

Who she admires:  "Alicia Moore (Pink), because she is an amazing aerialist, a great singer and super strong."

Little Known Fact?  "Although I carry myself as a bold person, I am actually very soft hearted."

Future Hope/dream? "To own a restaurant."

 Still time to get GREAT senior portraits before all the leaves are off the ground.  Call us 541-726-6119!





Full Moon is on the 14th ( Beaver Moon):

Funniest holiday? Chaos Never Dies Day on Wednesday November 9th.

Memorable holiday?  Thanksgiving  (It is my second most favorite holiday, as it's not commercialized and focuses on God and family.)

Birthstone? Citrine


Flower? Chrysanthemum


Children Miracle Network winner at HS in 2016? Raymond McMahon was Mr. Lancer

Calendar Costs just $10.  A great way to use the August 16-July 17 calendar this month?

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Other Great Businesses Featured in the Calendar?

Knechts Auto Parts  A great place to go for car parts (they will even put on the windshield wiper blades you buy on your car!)


Rainbow Optics  Besides exams, they have hundreds of styles of cool glasses and sunglasses.  Check out one of their 3 stores!

To get your copy of the calendar and over $300 worth of coupons.  They are just $10.  Many local school groups are selling them to make money.

You can also buy a copy at our studio in Springfield. Here is an example of the cover with Nic Ah Sam:


Calendar Model  Ari Thein of Winston Churchill High School, Eugene Oregon