Mr and Miss October, Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar.

Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar.

October is such a great time to get outstanding Senior Portraits with all the beautiful fall leaves. If you are still looking for a photographer, we'd love the opportunity to show you what we can do!  (Text us @ 541-543-6596)

For this month, representing Creswell High School & Mr. and Miss October are soccer players Jesse Whittenborn and Kendra Hawken.


The Creswell Soccer teams have used the CMN HS calendar to raise thousands of dollars for their teams. The Calendars sell for just $10 and $7 of that goes to local school clubs or teams and $2 goes to Children's Miracle Network here in Eugene Springfield.  Last year the girls soccer team raised $1750 and $500 for CMN.

And with over $300 in coupons from 2 for 1 Dutch Bros.,


5 off Papa's Pizza


and $10 off a hair cut or $20 off a color with haircut from The Mothership Salon, among others, it's a slam dunk sale.


No money due upfront either. If you are interested in this great school fundraiser, email us!

MODELS WANTED for the Class of 2018! Get Paid $50 if you are chosen to represent your school.

Plus, we are looking for B Seen! Team models as well. For those that apply early for the B Seen! Team, you will not only be on a billboard, but on an LTD bus as well.



For more info and to apply, call us @ 541-726-6119 or go here. 

About Jesse:  


Favorite Color:  Blue

What words describes him best?  Hard working, dedicated, honest.

What chore he hates most:  Cleaning his room ("Because when I clean everything, I forgot where I put things.")

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Fictional Character: The Flash (Sounds appropriate for a soccer player!)

What super power he’d like: "To be able to fly"

If he could go to one place on earth it would be?  "Rome. So I can see historical sites."

Future plans is to go on a church mission and to become a firefighter.

Who he admires:  "My mom because she pushes me to do my best even though it may seem impossible."

Little Known Fact? "I'm addicted to Oreo's."

About Kendra


Favorite Color:  Blue

What words describes her best?  Athletic, outgoing and friendly.

What chore she hates most: Doing the dishes.  ("Leftover food is yucky!")

Favorite Food/Drink:  Salad and Tea

Favorite Fictional Character:  Micky Mouse

What super power she’d like: Invisibility.

Food that she'd NEVER try?  "Escargot.  I'm not good with food that have texture."

Future plans is to go to college and possibly into the veterinary field.

Who she admires:  "My dad because he's a hard worker and has done a lot for the family."

Little Known Fact? "I'm pretty sensitive."


Full Moon is on October 16th (The Hunter Moon):

Funniest holiday?  National Grouch Day (October 15th).

Memorable holiday? The 18th, my birthday? Ha Ha. Halloween of course. But October 30th is Haunted Refrigerator Night.

Birthstone?  Opal


Flower? Marigold


Children Miracle Network winner at Creswell High School in 2016?  Mr. Bulldog was Brady Bigham.

Again the Calendar Costs just $10. You can get them from the Creswell Soccer teams and perhaps other groups at your school (OR at my photography studio.) 

Models wanted for the Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar.  Apply today!