North Eugene High School Model

North Eugene High School Model

My North Eugene High School Model for the 2015-2016 Children's Miracle Network High School calendar is Sirra Anderson.sirraandersonc

She completes the 2015-16 calendar/coupon book.vanessaoldalecover

Active in Cross Fit, the committee thought she'd be a unique addition to this past years calendar.  She was paid $50 for her photo shoot that took probably 15 minutes.

North Eugene High School Model

About  Sirra:

Favorite Color: Burgundy

What word describes her best?  "Passionate"

What chore she hates most: "I absolute hate mopping the floor."

Favorite Food/Drink: Chocolate and Chai Tea

Favorite TV show?  "Once upon a time."

Favorite Fictional Character: "Batman or Thor"  (I guess Superman did lose...)

What super power she’d like:  "To fly, because then I wouldn't ever be late to anything.  Plus, it'd be really pretty.  Oh, and the ultimate hair dryer!"

If he was invisible what would she do?  "Travel the world and visit all the places where the guards won't let you trespass."

Who she admires: "My parents because they don't always have the easiest time helping me juggle all the activities in my life, along with their own, and they are always supportive and very dedicated to me and to everything they do."  (They sound awesome Sirra!)

Greatest Accomplishment? "Performing for the first time at my schools' talent show my Freshman year."

Little Known Fact? "I was a home birth."

Future Aspirations?  "To own my own property with horses and other animals and be a successful nurse practitioner."


UPCOMING 2016-2017 Calendar Models. (Plus: Calendar has over $300 in great coupons!!!)

Cover:  Nic Ah Sam, Springfield/Sheldon.       Dual sports

August:    Leah Haider,   South Eugene.   Piano or fashion (undecided)

September:  Decker Tovey, Thurston.       Football

October:  Jesse Whittenborn & Kendra Hawken, Creswell.    Soccer

November:   Ari Thein, Churchill.           Silks aerobatics

December:  Darian Demarce   Thurston.          Snow & Snowman

January:  Abigail Bunce, Cottage Grove.            Cheer

February: Lauren Miller, Sheldon.                 Basketball

March:   Jacob Truitt, North Eugene.   Track-long distance.

April:  Jennifer Aguire , Willamette.      Pink cherry blossoms

May:  Emily Beck & Marcus Lydon,  Marist.     Volleyball/Baseball

June:  Rebecca Sandoval, Springfield.      Singer

July: Emily Banks, Pleasant Hill.   With her pigs/4-H


Full Moon is on the 19th  (Called "The Thunder Moon").

Funniest holiday? Barbie in a Blender Day  (July 27th)

Memorable holiday?  July 4th of course.  Get out those hot dogs and fireworks! july








Birthstone?  Ruby ruby






Flower? Larkspur

90 96 12-000*40

Children Miracle Network winner at North Eugene HS in 2015? Mr. Highlander: Reece Tarmell

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When my daughter turned 18 last year, the first thing that she did (despite her mom and my objections)?

high priestess

We WILL be photographing an upcoming Junior at our annual beach trip in August...if you know of someone who'd like to apply, go here!  If selected, they get paid $50 for a 15 minute photo shoot on the gorgeous Oregon coast.

North Eugene High School Model