Lane County Fair Oregon

Lane County Fair Oregon

Lane County Fair Oregon was the location for 19 of my 32 High School Class of 2017 B Seen! Team models.

may 14 bailey Frydendall bjack lund badrianne betchtle (19) 

What IS a B Seen! Team Model?  Like a rep, really. They get two full senior photo shoots, a head shot, two group events (one in February in the Snow

teen boy in snow (11)

and the other during July at the Fair), get on an Anti-Texting While Driving billboard (they go up in early August!), and can come to our pizza party when we reveal the billboards AND the 2016-2017 Children's Miracle Network HS calendar.   Plus we take the welcome announcement and the B Seen images:

will baldwinjacob reder b

So it's a lot of fun.  If you know of a Class of 2018 or Class of 2019 High School Senior, have them apply here.

Photographers in the Eugene area love taking pictures of the fair, so I thought, why not incorporate some of my High School seniors into this fun and vibrant collage of events and colors. After all, two years ago, I photographed a girls' senior pictures at the Lane County Fair and those photographs looked awesome.

Dividing them into four groups made it more manageable.  The first group with Cotton Candy and Balloons IMG_4243

Below:  Darian, Sarah and  Elizabeth from Thurston High School.

, IMG_4121 IMG_4124IMG_4136

Below: Janis from Creswell, Phoebe from South Eugene and Emily from Pleasant Hill.

IMG_4165 IMG_4152 IMG_4170

My second group playing carny games on the midway:  (They won 2 prizes too.)

:IMG_4341 IMG_4364

Below: Kalilah, Kai and Katie from A3 arts academy in Springfield (The K3 from the A3 I call them):

IMG_4310 IMG_4281 IMG_4265

Bo from Springfield and Alice from Creswell.

IMG_4289 IMG_4324

The third group-doing the Super Slide ride.


Below: Emma from Pleasant Hill, and Becca and Gabby from Springfield.

IMG_4465 IMG_4443 IMG_4433

The fourth group on the beautiful and classic Merry-Go-Round:IMG_4498Kaylee from Sheldon, Cassi from Willamette, Alissa from Pleasant Hill (below)

IMG_4424 IMG_4418IMG_4384And Emily and Teresa from Marist High School.



It was so much fun, I plan on doing it again in 2018.

Anyone have any other ideas they think would be fun to try?  Feel free to post them below!


Here is a short video trailer of some of my favorite images and video snippets:


Lane County Fair Oregon