Pleasant Hill High School Miss June

Pleasant Hill High School

Alessandra is Miss June in the 2015-16 Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar.

She is graduating this month from Pleasant Hill High School (My Alma mater-Go Billies!). She is quite talented musically from voice to guitar. The image below was color infra red that I thought made it look almost other-worldly and uniquely interesting.alessandrazilc

Alessandra is also one of my B Seen! Team models.  B Seen! models gets two sessions one in the spring and one in the summer.

For her first High School senior photo shoot, Alessandra choose her relatives' home in Pleasant Hill.alessandrazilj alessandraziolkowski

Her second session was at a home in Marcola that had a piano in it (I told you she was musically oriented!)

Alessandra Ziolkowski, Pleasant Hill20150825_1724I like to so fun things!Eugene Oregon photographers of High School senior portraits awesome senior pictures (56) Plus she also elected to go to pay to go to the Oregon Coast for my annual Beach Trip.  (This upcoming August 18th-we'll be there again, but only a few spots remain-so email us ASAP to claim a spot!

Oregon Beach Portraits in August.

While the Calendar model program is closed, the B Seen! Team still has 2 spots open.  To apply, go here or text us 541-543-6596 or call us 541-726-6119.

This fun opportunity closes June 24th. Pleasant Hill High School Senior pictures.

Besides getting two sessions, we have a group photo shoot, pizza party, your image is on a large Anti-Texting While Driving billboard (Alessandra is 2nd from the left):Billboard 2015 (5)

Your images are on my social media network, AND your image in on display at Valley River Center Mall

(Alessandra is in black and white on the bottom right)2016 valley river banner

About Alessandra:Ziolkowski

Favorite Color:  Blue

What word describes her best? "Creative"  (Outspoken was a close second.)

The chore she hates most: "Dishes"

Favorite Food:  Spaghetti

Musical Artists she likes?  Norah Jones and Billy Joel.

Favorite Fictional Character: "Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks"

What super power she’d like:  "I'd be invisible because then I could hide from all the bad guys and sneak cookies out of the kitchen and pull some really fantastic pranks."

Who she admires:  "My parents because they work hard and encourage me to do what I love.  they let me think for myself and and support me every step of the way."

Little Known Fact?  "Rain is my favorite weather"  (Well, other than living in Tillamook, the Willamette Valley works!)

Future Aspiration:  "To be a singer-songwriter."


Full Moon is on the 20th (Called the "Strawberry"  Moon):

Funniest holiday?  Stupid Guy Thing Day (June 22nd)

Memorable holiday? Graduation of course.  That is June 6th for Pleasant Hill.

Birthstone? The Pearl


Flower?  Rose





Children Miracle Network winner at Pleasant Hill HS in 2015? Mr. Billie was Mitchell Williamson

Great way to use the August 15-July 16 calendar this month? 

Go Bowling or play Laser Trek (Super fun!!!) strikecity


Plus we know how dirty our cars get.  elite - Copy

Pleasant Hill High School