June 5th....a day of memorial.

Memorial Day no longer falls on the last Monday of May for me.

As a veteran,  I will always appreciate that people died in service to our country to insure our freedom and will still honor them on the last Monday of May, but MY Memorial Day is the day my wife of 35 years passed from this earth-June 5th.


It's hard to believe how fast this year has flown.  I've grieved and easily cried a gallon of tears.  But I've also  laughed, played, reminisced, checked out, felt relief and freedom (and then guilt for feeling that...but know I shouldn't feel that way) and made new memories with our children.

I've taken them to places Sherri loved:

Pacific City

Big Sur California coast in fall 2015 Highway 1 road

The Monterey Penisula (where Sherri was born and raised)

Bora Bora

Bora Bora Destination wedding photographerfrom Eugene Oregon best travel photos and wedding pictures for an Island wedding

And now-in just one more day-we are returning from what I deem:  "The Sherri Tour"

We went to places that she loved outside of Oregon.

Dead Sea



Santorini Greece


L'bri (top) and Murren (bottom) in Switzerland


Salzburg,VeniceNew York City.

We have now been gone for 36 days.

But today?  Today is her memorial day.

sherri program

Prior to her passing, I was hired to speak at the Professional Photographers of Rhode Island in June 2016.  What I didn't know was the exact date they wanted me to give a full day program.  Last September they told me it would be today.  June 5th.

I almost called them to ask to switch the dates, but I thought God had a reason for that schedule. To perhaps help me focus forward-helping those photographers for 7 hours rather than feel sorry for myself.  I know I'll be grieving tonight with her kids, my kids, our kids.  But the time I have to do that is cut short and I will trust that God has his purpose for me in that.


Remember the Dime Story and what it says on those dimes? In God We Trust.

Not always easy to hand over the reins of my life and fully trust that HE knows what He is doing, but I'm trying to live it day by day.

Sherri is in good hands, the very best hands. Being a strong believer, she is with Jesus and in His Kingdom.

cape kiwanda oregon sunset beach

And if we think about it, there is no place on earth we can go that is better than that......