Miss May in the CMN High School Calendar: Holly

High School Calendar

Holly Cummins of Springfield High School (Class of 2016) is Miss May in the 2015-16 Children's Miracle Network High School Calendar.hollycumminsc

Back of the calendar: calendarback15-16

Holly was also one of our B Seen! Team models, meaning that she got two photo shoots, was on our Valley River Mall display (4th from the right with her guitar):2016 valley river banner was featured in a lot of social media content and got to be a part of our Anti-Texting While Driving campaign.  In her case, she was on a huge billboard near I-105 Billboard 2015 (5)and on 2 LTD buses for their moveable billboards about this important message (It's the #1 cause of teenage deaths in America, so we all need to stop texting while driving.  #stoptextstopwrecks ).ltdbus1

Pretty red haired ginger girl teenager outside smiling and happy Class of 2016 high school kid skinny and thin freckled girl

Her first photo shoot was here at my studio.holly cummins high school senior pictures eugene oregon (5)holly cummins high school senior pictures eugene oregon (4)

During the summer we went to the University of Oregon campus.hollycummins9 Holly Cummins springfield high school senior pictures oregon_1

Holly is in two choirs at Springfield High School, volunteers for Young Life and Wyldlife, is a counselor at Camp Harlow (great camp btw), and helps out the Willamette Christian School Choir.

I had photographed Holly's older sister Chloe for her senior portraits (below)-chloecummings (1) so it was an honor to keep the tradition going for the Cummins' family. I got to know Holly fairly well, as she and my daughter are close friends.


About  Holly

Favorite Color:  Yellow

What word describes her best?  Spunky

What chore she hates most:  "Cleaning my room"  (She must of caught that disease from my daughter.)

Favorite Foods:   Sushi and Burritos

Favorite Fictional Character: Harry Potter

What super power she’d like:  "Mind Reading.  It would be cool to know what others are thinking."

If he was invisible what would she do?  " Go to school to play tricks on people."

Who she admires:  "Kimmie Durkee.  She is a person I can rely on ot know what's best for me."

Little Known Fact? "I used to dance."

Her future aspiration is to be an elementary school teacher and be fluent in Spanish. 

Here is a short video trailer of some of her favorite images:


FUN FACTS in the High School Calendar:

Full Moon is on May 28th  (Flower Moon):

Funniest holiday?  Dance like a Chicken Day (May 14th)

Memorable holiday? Memorial Day (Monday May 30th),remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Birthstone: Emeraldemerald-gemstone-300x200





Flower:  Lily of the Valleylily_of_the_valley_by_fossilips








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We have selected the NEW 2016-17 Models for the High School Calendar.  However, we still have three openings for our B Seen! Team (Billboard space is limited-so apply now!)

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