High School Portraits RyLee from Sheldon

High School Portraits

RyLee is a senior at Sheldon High School in Eugene Oregon and was one of my B Seen! Team Models.

I have photographed RyLee ever since she was about five years old.Gorham088 IMG_9220

To see her grow up, well I guess that is what parents do every day, but as an outsider what I see is that the kindness, playfulness and spark she had at five is still very present.

You can see it in her love (and skill) of dance.49014991 5086 4961

As one of our B Seen! Team members, she got two full sessions one at the University of Oregon (above) and the other one she chose an area behind Marist High School and on the Willamette River. 2033 2061 2012 2056 2069 Plus she was featured on a huge billboard that warns drivers of our biggest danger on the road (she is on the far left):Billboard 2015 (5)

More about RyLee:

Favorite fictional characters?  All the Disney Princess (She is in love with Disney movies!)

If she had a super power what would it be?  "I would want to fly, that way I wouldn't have to drive anywhere!"

If she was in visible, what would she do? "Travel the world and I could get free flights to wherever I want to go" 

What chore does she hate the most?  "Putting laundry away.  It takes way too much time!"

What word describes her best?  (The first question should give you a clue :-) ) "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  It pretty much describes my life."

Who does she admire?  "My grandpa!  He is so awesome!"

What is her greatest accomplishment? "Dancing in different places around the world.  It's been so much fun."

Speaking of fun, check out her High School Portraits in the short video trailer below:

High School Portraits