Miss September in the CMN High School Photography Calendar: Jessica from Willamette High School

CMN High School Photography Calendar vanessaoldalecover Jessica is Miss September in the NEW Children's Miracle Network calendar that just came out.  She is a senior at Willamette High School and is quite active in sports from Volleyball, Basketball and Softball. She is on the National Honor Society, and does TONS of volunteer things-from school government, CMN, Eugene Marathon, etc.

AND she is a referee for kid sports and thought it would be cool to somehow incorporate that into our 2015-16 High School calendar.  This cool huge mural was put up this past year about 5 blocks from my house and Sweetys (a ice cream shop) had these Simpson figures a their downtown store.  When I saw that they were closing up shop and moving to California, I knew I had to act fast to join the figures with the mural.  Since the Simpson family has "issues", they need a referee and that is where Jessica came in (calling a foul on Homer).jessicawilliamsc As one of my B Seen! Team Models, she got 2 full sessions.  Here are some of her favorites:may 23 jessica williams nancy williams connect to blog (2) jessicawilliams5

Jessica with her older sister, Miranda (who was also one of my high school senior models).

MORE ABOUT OUR MODEL:  Jessica likes strawberry peach rebels (Dutch Bros has a 2 for 1 coupon in the calendar!), Beyonce'.  Her favorite color is purple, move is the Avengers 2, fictional character is the Black Widow and she liked reading The Great Gatsby.  If she had a super power it would be the ability to fly so she'd never get stuck in traffic and she was invisible she would go to Disneyland and cut to the front of the lines.   Hmmm, this girl wants to GET to her destination!

What word describes her best: Interesting

Chore that she hates doing: Cleaning the Bathroom

Food that she'd never try:  Escargot  ("The thought of eating snails is totally gross!")

She she admires most? Her mom because she is there for people who need help.

Her greatest accomplishment is earning varsity letters in three different sports

Little known fact?  She LOVES going to the dunes.

Her older sister was one of our senior models (here are the two of them together:)may 23 jessica williams nancy williams connect to blog Jessi loved her pictures, so it was great that she also signed up to be one of my senior models.  may 23 jessica williams nancy williams connect to blog (1)Being one of our B SEEN  team members (Models), not only gets you on my social media and a glamour head shot  but 4 different photo shoots so you have a ton of great pictures to order from, AND you get on our display at Valley River Center, AND in our marketing pieces AND in one of our Anti-Texting while driving messages.

Jessica was on 2 LTD buses with this exterior board:IMG_5242 The Calendars have great info and over $400 in coupons to use.  If you are looking for a great fundraiser for your school activity-these sell for just $10 and your group keeps $7 and $3 goes to Children's Miracle Network-and NO money is due upfront, so its a no-risk situation.  Just call my office 541-726-6119 to order yours or talk about how we can help your club/team.

Here is a fun short video trailer of some of her HS senior pictures:




I pulled this blog from September and updated it....but looking back on last September?


Full Moon is on the 27th (  Harvest Moon):

Funniest holiday?  Talk like a Pirate Day (Sept 19th)

Memorable holiday?  Grandparents Day (Sunday, September 13th)

Birthstone?  Blue Sapphire

Flower?  Aster

Children Miracle Network winner at Willamette HS in 2015? Mr. Wolverine Cameron Whitehead

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CMN High School Photography Calendar