Miss April from Churchill High School.

Churchill High School

Miss April in the 2015-2016 Children's Miracle Network Calendar is Ellie McDonagh from Churchill High School.

On the Track Team, she competes in several events.  When my daughter did track last year at Churchill, I saw the silver repeating patterns of their bleachers and thought it would be cool to have a track athlete pose underneath them.   The fact Ellie threw the javelin was a bonus. elliemcdonaghc

Last years' Junior Class President, Miss April is hoping to major in public relations at USC.EmileeMcdounal

About Ellie?

Favorite Color: Coral

What words describes her best?  Determined, Friendly, Funny, Athletic.

Favorite TV show?  "Downtown Abby"   (Me too...bummed it's over.)

What chore she hates most:  "I honestly hate every chore equally."

Favorite Food?  Pasta

What food won't she try?  "Any kind of Salad."   (Sounds like my son.)

Favorite Fictional Character?  "Mickey Mouse because his voice makes me happy."  

What super power she’d like:  "Mind Control, I could move things."

If he was invisible what would she do?  "I'd go to Disneyworld in Florida, Tokyo and Paris" (and I would presume Bejing too?)

Who she admires: "My teacher, Lisa Laccovetta because she has knowledge in my favorite subject."

Little Known Fact? "I played girls Lacrosse once."   vanessaoldalecover


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Full Moon is on the 22nd  (Pink  Moon):

Funniest holiday? Blah! Blah! Blah! Day (April 17th)

Memorable holiday?  Well April Fools Day or course, but Earth Day on the 22nd isn't bad either.


Birthstone is the Diamonddiamond



Flower is the Daisy






Children Miracle Network winner at Churchill HS in 2015? ALexander Starr was Mr. Lancer.

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Churchill High School   Ellie....Class of 2016 High School senior pictures by Eugene Oregon photographer.