Pleasant Hill High School Senior Pictures

Pleasant Hill High School Senior Pictures

Emily Barber is a senior at my Alma Mater, Pleasant Hill High School here in Oregon.  (I have photographed High School seniors from California, Idaho, Minnesota, Washington and Montana, thus the qualification.)

She is one of my B Seen! Models from the Class of 2016.  One of the perks of being a B Seen! Model is that,well, you get seen.  Here is Emily on our Anti-Texting while Driving campaign (she is on the far right).Billboard 2015 (5)

Her image was also IN the 2015-16 CMN high school calendar as an ad:0015Plus, she was in our social media promotions (just one below she is screaming front left):IMG_4727On our poster looking for Class of 2017 models (To apply, go HERE), lower middle photograph near the center:PostcardFront4x6 And at our display at Valley River Center mall this past summer-she is next to the word Seniors showcasing her killer eyes.2016 valley river banner

Besides being very pretty-More importantly, Emily is very sweet, kind and fun.  Here are some of her favorite images:emilybarberemilybarber4emilybarber0emilybarber3emilybarber9

emilybarber2 emilybarberg8

A little about Emily:

Her Favorite Fictional Character: "Tris from Divergent because she is strong and doesn't give up."

The word that describes her best:  "Caring."

If she could have a superpower, what would it be and why?  "Telepathy, because I could read people's minds and know what they are REALLY thinking."

The chore she hates doing the most?  "Cleaning my room."  (Sounds like my 19 year old daughter...)

What food will she never try?  "Escargot...the thought of eating snails freaks me out."

If she was invisible, where would she go?  On airplanes so she could travel anywhere she wanted.  (Awesome if only there were available seats. :-0 )

The person she admires most?  "My Mother.  She is so hardworking and strong."

emilybarber5Click below to see her short but fun trailer video:

Pleasant Hill High School Senior Pictures