Eugene Oregon High School Senior Portraits : Bridgette from Marist

Eugene Oregon High School Senior Portraits Bridgette is a Class of 2016 Senior at Marist High School.  She was so much fun to photograph!

Eugene Oregon High School Senior Portraits

She is also one of my B Seen! Models, which means she not only got 2 full sessions (one in spring and one in late summer), but was featured on our Anti-Texting While Driving campaign and at Valley River Center. ltda

Her first photo shoot was here at my photography studio in Springfield, then we went to Marist High School and the Willamette River behind the school. She is confident, but humble, intelligent, kind, and a wonderful person to be around.

Oh, BTW, We ARE looking for Class of 2017 High School seniors (current Juniors) right now.  For more info, text " hs2017 " to 71441 or go to my HS senior web site. 

Her head shot.bridgettemcallister

This is an image that I thought was really cool due to the mysterious feel with the shadows....bridgettemcallister4Bridgette is a really cool person and super active like: Varsity Lacrosse, Cross Country, National Honor Society, Environmental, book and Booster clubs, Advanced Strings Orchestra, Varsity Cheer her Freshman and Sophomore years (I'm sure too busy now!), Mr. Spartan, Triple Crown Oregon state champion in Archery.

OK...can you be more diverse?  :-)bridgettemcallister2

Some of favorites?

Fictional Character:  Huck Finn

If she was invisible, where would she go?  Concerts (for free of course)

What chore does she absolutely hate?  Any that involve the bathroom

What word describes you best?  Bold

What food will she never try? Anything involving endangered animals (i.e. shark fin soup)

Who she admires?  Marina Diamandis

Here is a short trailer video of some of her (and my) favorite images from her sessions.  Hope you enjoy!

Eugene Oregon High School Senior Portraits