Children portraits Eugene Oregon photographer


Children portraits Eugene Oregon photographer

All too often, we can go on our day to day tasks and not think about the future.  Or how to remember the past.

While it is most important that we are "present" with those we care about , it is also important to find ways to keep memories alive-especially with our most important treasures, our children.

Before you know it, they are no longer babies.  Now longer little children. No longer children at all.  And what do you have to show from it?

Hopefully beautiful, timeless, children's portraits.   Through the end of March, we are offering special prices-and an opportunity to be one of the 40 winners and $4,000 worth of prizes for the 32nd Annual Oregon Children's Contest.  To enter just call us 541-726-6119 or text 541-543-6596.  You can also enter our text contest and possibly win a $200 Gift Certificate by texting " Child " to 40691.  ChildrenAd1

I have been honored by the Irvin family to create portraits of their two wonderful kids, Kaleb and Madison for almost 15 years.  Hard to believe how time does fly.

Just some of their favorites through some of those years:cindyirvin cindyirvinmadison cindy irvine cindyirvine caleb boy teen Oregon

Here is a fun short trailer video that shows more favorite photographs of Madison and Kaleb (who is now a Freshman in High School).  Now what was I saying about how they grow up way too fast?

Children portraits Eugene Oregon photographer