Oregon High School Senior Portraits Ryan from Springfield

Oregon High School Senior Portraits  Ryan from Springfield HS. They talk about bookends.....I first met Ryan last year.  At Springfield High School's prom, he was in a group of guys and girls that included my daughter who went to prom together. We did a bunch of photographs at the Rose Gardens in Eugene.  That was good. (He is in the middle and my daughter is wearing coral.)  That is his parents' classic Impala.car 10PROM (18)I met him a month later when my daughter rear ended his GMC '64 pickup (built like a tank)-not far from my studio after track practice.ryanpollard1The crash caused not an ounce of damage to his truck (and its huge steel bumper), but it totaled my daughter's 2015 Toyota Corolla and gave her another concussion (#4 or #5 I'm losing count-but it's affecting her school work).  That was not so good. IMG_2516She no longer follows so close btw.

Later that summer, he became one of my B SEEN models, (Taking applications from High School Juniors now!)- where I do two different photo sessions (one early in the summer, one late in the summer-plus other mini-freebie ones like the ones below.ryanpollard5Dropping water balloons with some of the other B SEEN Models. IMG_4727Balloon fight. IMG_4678Plus, my B SEEN models get to be in my display at Valley River Center.2016 valley river banner

And also on our Anti-Texting while driving campaign-Ryan was on 2 different LTD buses.922086Taking his portraits was a ton of fun.  That was very good.  Bookends.

For his first photo shoot, we went to Thistledown Farms (he knows the owner).  Great place for different stuff.ryanpollard8 ryanpollard4ryanpollard7 ryanpollard6For his September session, being on the Miller football team, going to Silke Field made all the sense in the world, that way he got to include his best buddies.RYANpollardfootballThe dog tag is in honor of one of their teammates-Jesse- who is in a hospital in Portland.....jessea ryanpollard9Ryan is such a great guy.  Athletic, friendly, crazy, funny, always positive, smiling, encouraging and kind.  His favorite food is bacon, color is blue (Go Millers!), artist is Lynyrd Skynyrd and movie is Forrest Gump.  Little know fact?  He plays the violin. I guess I'm not too surprised-he is that diverse.

Oregon High School Senior Portraits and this teenage boy football player at Silke Field in Springfield Oregon by professional photographer Bruce Berg


Hope you enjoy this mini trailer video I put together of him.

Oregon High School Senior Portraits