Cottage Grove Oregon High School Senior Miss February Katherine Dennis

Cottage Grove Oregon High School Senior  Katherine Dennis is the Children's Miracle Network High School calendar's Miss February.katherinedennisOne of the compelling reasons she was chosen is that she is a wrestler for the Lions.  In fact, her skills were just lauded in the Register Guard as winning the B bracket for her weight class, qualifying  her for state (where she placed second last year).  Way to go Katherine!!!!  She is also a cheerleader for Cottage Grove and on the equestrian team.  And she keeps her grades up. When she was a High School Junior, she was paid $50 to represent her school for the calendar and we are looking for the Class of 2017 right now-so go here to apply!  I wanted something showing her in competition.  I used 4 different lights to create this effect at her High School mat room.

Here is the composite image we made:Cottage Grove Oregon High School SeniorOriginally she was selected to be Miss January, but since her birthday is this month, we had to switch to honor her-so wish her Happy Bday on the 23rd. :-) vanessaoldalecoverAbout Katherine:

Favorite Color:   Purple

What word describes her best?  Bold, Funny, Athletic, Optimistic

What chore she hates most:  Laundry

Favorite Food/Drink:  Pretzels and Pepsi

Favorite Fictional Character:  Dr. Temperance Breenan (TV show:Bones)

What super power she’d like:  Talk to animals so she could find out which dog decided to get into the garbage again.

If she was invisible what would she do?  Go to a movie theatre and watch as many movies as she wanted.

Who she admires: Her mom because she tries her best everyday to take care of her kids.

She hopes to go to college to be a radiologist and wrestle in college as well.


Full Moon is on the 22nd (The "Snow" Moon):

Funniest holiday?  Got to be on February 13th:  Blame Someone Else Day

Memorable holiday?  Valentine's Day of course (Did you know that is also Oregon's Birthday?)

Birthstone? Amethyst amethyst1

Flower? Violetviolets-susan.27150919_std





Cottage Grove Oregon High School Senior Children Miracle Network winner last year?  Justin Bennett was Lion King 2015

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Cottage Grove High School Senior  Katherine Dennis, Class of 2016