Having two sites (this one and Senior ) is a good thing overall-as I know most teens have no interest in looking at weddings, children, glamour and family portraits. But doing two blogs was  just too much.    So while I still post a blog image of a HS senior at least once a month regularly and typically a second one as well, this site is the only one I'll be blogging on.  :-)


MODELS WANTED:  All types, shapes, sizes and interests.  THIS is an experience no one else can give you:  Be on a billboard, get in on a fun group photo shoot at the Fair and be featured in our social media posts-being part of our B Seen! Team is an awesome experience!


Not a Junior yet?  Apply now and we'll get back to you the fall of your Junior year.

We sometimes do photo shoots in the fall to get the autumn leaves....

annagossard lane county high school senior pictures and photographers