Miss January, Mollie from Marist High School

Marist High School  Mollie.... Editors Note:  For the past four years, I've been posting on 2 blogs-here on this site and the Senior Photographs.com site.  I've decided to merge the two.  If you-dear reader-want to see or not see certain tops, there is a category button you can click to make your navigation easier.

OK...on the my post:

The Marist High School representative in the 2015-2016 Children's Miracle Network High School Senior calendar is Mollie van Eekeren of Eugene Oregon.childrens miracle network

What IS the CMN calendar you may ask?  Its a fun 6x6 inch fun calendar/coupon book that not only showcases local high school kids in Eastern Lane County, but helps groups raise money (there are over $400 in coupons in the book and it sells for just $10).  If you know of any group needing funds, there is no $ due up front-and you keep what you sell, so it's a no lose proposition.  My goal is to help and this is a great fundraiser. calendarback15-16

This month, our model Mollie is (obviously) on the Marist High School Swim Team.  That was the main reason she was picked by the three of us who choose the models (who are HS Juniors at the time) to be in the calendar.   A benefit for her?  She was paid $50 for this photo shoot, it looks good on your college resume plus it was a lot of fun for her (and me).  We ARE looking for HS juniors right now!  CLICK

Here is a portrait taken outside the pool.mollievaneekeren

These images were taken at the Willamalane Pool in Springfield. Willamalane is dear to my heart because my daughter is a lifeguard there on occasion, she had many a swim meet there when she went to Springfield HS, and hey, its close.

I had come up with a creative idea on taking underwater photographs without getting wet.  So here is your challenge: There are no underwater glass panels, I didn't use an underwater camera, I stayed dry and we got this image.  mollievaneekerenc You tell me HOW I took this image and the first correct answer wins a Free Dutch Bros. drink (The Calendar/coupon books HAS 2 for 1 Dutch Bros. drinks in it!)  (all Marist HS students are ineligible in this case.  :-) )dutch-bros-coffee-caffeine-content About Miss January:

Favorite Color:  Purple

What words describes her best? Bold, Athletic, Funny, Outgoing, Creative.

What chore she hates most:  The Dishes "Wet food scares me" she says.

Favorite Food/Drink:  Lemonade and Pasta lemonade

Food she hates:  Pineapple.  "I hate it.  So so much."

What super power she’d like: To breathe underwater (spoken like a true swimmer...it would help with her times no doubt.)

Who she admires:  Her mom.  "She puts up with my brother and me."

She likes to read historical fiction and shops at American Eagle.

Little Known Fact? She paints a lot.

Her future dreams and aspirations is to attend college, travel and contribute to a charity with hands-on work (hopefully in a different country).



Full Moon is on the 23rd (The "Wolf"  Moon):

Funniest holiday? The combination of both Chocolate Cake Day and Thomas Crapper (inventor of the toilet) on the same day: January 27th. Gotta be a correlation here....

Memorable holiday?  Martin Luther King Day on the 18th, but also National Hugging Day on January 21st-something we can always use more of.

Birthstone?  Garnetgarnet





Flower?  Carnation







Children Miracle Network winner at Marist High School in 2015? Jack Kiesewetter.

Just think, if you bought a calendar for just $10, not only would you have all these great coupons, but incredible knowledge to impress your friends.  We have them for sale at our studio.

Great way to use the August 15-July 16 calendar this month?

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